10 Sugar Buzz-Worthy: Coffee Themed Cakes

Coffee is certainly a powerful brew. It’s the stuff of waking up, of mid-morning gossip sessions, of afternoon pick-me-ups, of after-dinner dessert bliss. Whether it’s in a mug, a takeaway cup or a carafe, it’s a part of our everyday lives. So why not celebrate its influence on cake decorating?

This collection of beautifully decorated cakes may not always include actual coffee but the majority include plenty of cream and sugar.

Tiered Yellow and Purple Cake with Coffee Cup Topper
Photo via Pink Cake Box

Coffee buzz cake:

Coffee is the muse on this sprightly, spirited cake, which features cake tiers covered in a pleasing palette of fondant pastels. The bottom two tiers are round; the top is actually shaped like a coffee mug. The rest of the cake is garnished with piping to resemble steam from a hot coffee cup, more mug cutouts, and zingy curls of sugar.

Cake Shaped Like Mug of Coco with Marshmallows
Photo via Bluprint member Frostine

Giant coffee cup or hot chocolate cake:

A cake that looks like a mug is a perfect way to celebrate a love of any hot beverage, be it cocoa, tea, or coffee. Created using an 8″ round cake pan, buttercream, white modeling chocolate, this cake was served with dry ice so it looked like it was steaming!

[box type=”shadow”]This cake artist created a realistic texture for the mug by using a white chocolate, which allows for the creation of numerous embellishments and textural elements for cakes. Learn how to use this versatile medium in Laura Kitchens’s class on modeling chocolate.[/box]

Cake Shaped Like Coffee Beans and Coffee Cup
Photo via Chocolate Earth

Latte cake with coffee beans:

A latte love went into this intricate cake. A layer of chocolate cake is garnished with what look like beautifully airbrushed coffee beans in all sizes. The graduation of large to small coffee beans draws the eye to the top tier, which features a latte complete with decorative “foam”.

Cake Pops Shaped Like Coffee Cups
Photo via Kim’s Sweet Karma

Coffee cake pops:

Candy melts and crushed cake come adorably to form these stylish cake pops, which feature a hand-swirled white foam streak and use edible markers to write “latte” or other coffee terms on the mugs.

Cupcake Shaped Like Coffee with Whipped Cream" width=
Photo via CakeSpy

Latte cupcakes:

You’ll be saying “thanks a latte” when you realize that this sweet treat is even better than a coffee beverage–it’s cake! Delicious cupcakes are wrapped in fondant, and then piped using a star tip with buttercream to form a perfect “foam” topping to make a realistic latte look.

Cakes Shaped Like Starbucks Coffee Cups
Photo via The Sugar Syndicate

Takeaway coffee cup cakes:

Here’s another version of the individual coffee cup cake, created by Chicago baker The Sugar Syndicate. Realistic detailing makes these cakes a real trompe l’oeil, with handmade (and edible) labels and coffee jackets around each cup.

Cake Decorated with Dunkin Donuts Theme
Photo via That’s Very Fun

Coffee and donuts cake:

Coffee and donuts are a classic combination, but there’s always room for cake, too. This cake is inspired by the color palette of a famous doughnut chain, and features pink and orange piping along the edges, a fondant coffee cup, and of course a cascade of donuts along the cake’s edge.

Cake Shaped Like Spilled Coffee with Various Objects in It
Photo via Pink Cake Box

Doughnut birthday cake:

This cake is the reflection of the recipient’s greatest loves–one of which is coffee. An overturned coffee cup with a handmade figurine sits on top, and out of the coffee cup pours a series of fondant and gum paste-formed figures of other interests, including books, cookies, and teeny tiny golf clubs.

[box type=”shadow”]Looking to create a similar cake? Have a cup of coffee first, then launch into decorating with these tips and recipes:


Cake Shaped Like Coffee Bean
Photo via distopiandreamgirl

Coffee bean cake:

It’s all about the bean when it comes to coffee, and this cake celebrates where it all starts. Dark chocolate cake is easy to form into the shape of a bean, with a yin-yang type indent. Simple, but sweet.

Dozen Cupcakes Topped with ChocolateCoffee Beans
Photo via Bluprint member Njoy2sew

Coffee bean cupcakes:

These cupcakes convey a coffee theme with a chocolatey look. Made with instant coffee in the icing and chocolate covered coffee beans on top, these cupcakes are certainly coffee-rich.

Cartoon of Coffee Cups

That’s a buzz-worthy collection of cakes! Do you prefer coffee or tea with cake?

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