Cat Cakes: Fanciful Feline-Inspired Cakes

Here’s an interesting fact: in spite of the cultural cliche, our feline friends aren’t actually supposed to drink milk! But cat lovers need not toss the carton quite yet, because milk pairs perfectly with cat-themed cakes! From cup-cats to fancy feline sculpted cakes, these cakes will make you coo with the cuteness, and purr with their pure sugary perfection.

Cat Cake
Photo via Pink Cake Box

[one_half_last]Pair of Cats Cake: Although these cats may look as if they’re made of mischief, in truth they’re composed of cleverly crafted cake! Beneath the decorated splendor lies a delicious marble cake with vanilla buttercream; on top, the beautiful decorations are made from gum paste and fondant.[/one_half_last]

Pair of Cats Cake
Photo via Pink Cake Box

[one_half_last]Cup-cats: Double vision? Not quite: these are indeed the same cats from the above cake, also by Pink Cake Box. But this time, they make their confectionery appearance as cupcakes–or perhaps “cup-cats” is a better term! Artfully applied triangles of fondant accentuated with round eyes and cute pink noses and mouths add up to adorably ruffled cats. Even better, it’s all assembled atop a generous swirl of buttercream, making for an indulgent and delicious treat.[/one_half_last]

[one_half_last]Hello Kitty Cake: When it comes to famous kitties, this one takes the cake! Created by Bluprint member Cuppycake, this cake is not only cute, but not so hard to make: starting with cake cut into an oval-with-cat-ears form, it is then transformed using a topping of buttercream, and fondant to create a highly recognizable cat character![/one_half_last]

[one_half_last]Witch Kitty: Though this cat has a witch theme, the decorating technique could easily be translated into use at any time of year by customizing the colors and decorations. Coco Cake Cupcakes demonstrates how this sweet cake can be made by piping the cake all over with buttercream frosting, and then adhering eyes, mouth, whiskers, and other details made from fondant.[/one_half_last]

White Cat Cake
Photo via Keki-girl

[one_half_last]White Cat Cake: Here’s a most impressive specimen of cat cake. Amazingly, everything is buttercream on this cake, artfully applied using a decorating tip. Well, except for the ears–those are made of gum paste. The resulting cake is almost–but not quite–too realistic to eat![/one_half_last]

[one_half_last]Strawberries and Cream Cat: This cat cake is sweet as sugar, and cute as a button! Inspired by a Strawberry Shortcake character, this cake is simply topped with pink buttercream frosting and garnished with beautiful cookies decorated with royal icing.[/one_half_last]

[one_half_last]Cat and Yarn: The perfect way to illustrate a cat’s playfulness in cake form? How about a cute kitty atop a cake decorated to look like a jumbo ball of yarn? Surprisingly easy to make, simply cut the cake into a circular form and cover with ropes of fondant tinted in any color you’d like; top the cake with a cat, and you’ve got yourself a sweet treat that is bound to delight![/one_half_last]

Which cat cake will you make first?

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