Can You Hack It? Yes! Get Our Latest & Greatest Crafting Hacks

Are you wondering what to do with yourself after all of that Black Friday wheeling and dealing? We’ve got the answer and it’s this week’s best hacks! Find your favorite and get out of that post-Black Friday funk by doing a little something you love.

Hacks you’ll like, results you’ll love

Cake Decorating Basics: How to Store a Cake
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Cake Decorating

Different stages of cake life need different types of storage! From baked to decorated and even those scrumptious leftovers, find out how to store your cake for days of delicious slices.

Sewing Tips and Tricks: Unexpected Tools for the Sewing Room
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Your next sewing project just got a little easier, thanks to your trusty flat-head screwdriver and a wallpaper roller. Do we have your attention? Read on!

5 Steps to Improving Your Piecing Accuracy
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Accurate piecing in just five steps? Sounds good to us! Bluprint instructor Amy Gibson, of Stitchery Dickory Dock, shows you how.

Which Type of Embroidery Machine is Best for You?
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When it comes to machine embroidery, these days you’ve got a lot of options! Get tips for for using single- and multi-needle machines, and determine which one is right for you.

Hatching & Crosshatching
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One of the most important skills you can hone, as an artist? Hatching! Brush up on six essential forms of hatching and crosshatching for better, stronger work.

mixing skin tones
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Painting skin tones is one of the trickiest painting techniques to master. Check out this easy method for mixing acrylic paint for skin tones that yield a more natural look.

canon picture styles
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If you love the look of post-processed photos but dislike the actual editing process, this hack is for you! Find out how to achieve the look you adore with picture styles.

homemade sour cream
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Food & Cooking

Tired of all of the additives and preservatives in store-bought staples? Find out how to make homemade sour cream in just two simple steps.

measuring gauge in knitting
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Do you swatch? You should! Get tips for measuring your gauge in knitting — a step even the most experienced knitters swear by.

one skein crochet
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Did you leave Christmas presents until the last minute again? These 8 one-skein crochet gift patterns are here to save the day and spread smiles.

creative weaving
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Weaving & Spinning

Are your loved ones up to their eyeballs in scarves you’ve lovingly woven for them? We know they appreciate your thoughtfulness, but this year, surprise them with a different kind of creation.

delicate necklaces
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Didn’t find that necklace you were looking for during your Black Friday shopping? Learn this simple trick for making trendy, multi-strand necklaces they’ll love.

creative ideas for cardmaking
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Paper Crafts

Want to give one-of-a-kind cards this season? Well, that just got a lot easier with these eight card embellishments you can find around your house right now.

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