Top 7 Most Amazing Avant-Garde Cakes

If you’re working with a bride with alternative taste (one who cringes at the sight of three tiers of white fondant wedding cake), you’ll love this collection of cakes that cast the norms aside.

Check out these top 7 avant-garde cakes, featuring tiers of bright and bold colors, sculptural shapes, and delicately artful styles.

Tall Tiered Gold Shimmering Cake
Photo via Charm City Cakes 

Gold polka dots and ruffled bottom cake:

This stupendously gorgeous cake would be the talk of the town, at any wedding! I love the confetti-like gold sequin dots covering this towering cake. The shape is very architectural, too. The slanted top tier and the fantasy pinwheel flower poking out of the side both complete this cake with class.

Two Tiered Square Cake with Yellow and Green Diagonal Lines
Photo via Eat Cake Be Merry 

Modern art cake:

It’s like modern art for your mouth! This amazing cake features a slanted top tier and a design that is not unlike the artist Piet Mondrian’s grid-based (and controversial at the time) paintings. I love the unique color choice of poppy red, emerald green and sunshine yellow. This cake would feel at home at both an artful wedding and perched on a plinth at a modern art gallery.

Two Tiered Frilled White Cake
Photo via Sweet & Saucy Shop

Artful white puffy cake:

I love the sculptural look and feel of this white ruffled puffy sugar flower-covered confection. Doesn’t it look like a modern art cloud? I like the idea of this cake echoing the design of a bride’s dress: a tight bodice and a billowing cloud of ruffly flowers as the skirt!

Tiered Shimmering Cake Covered with Red Roses
Photo via Cake Coquette

Phantom of the opera themed cake:

This incredible towering gold, black and red blockbuster of a cake was based on The Phantom of the Opera. The cake has a darkly romantic feel to it with the amazing blood red roses, gold fondant tiers and black fondant curls. Opulent, mysterious and very Avant-garde for a wedding cake.

Two Tiered Off-Centered White Cake with Pearls
Photo via Maggie Austin Cake

Minimalist white cake:

As simple as this cake looks, it has an overall conceptual art feel with its bright white coloring. The tiny pearlescent beads and one single perfect petal sitting on the top, as though held up by air, are the perfect complementary embellishments. I love how the top tier sits nestled to the far right, like a cake step.

5 Tiered Multicolored Cake, Each Layer a Different Pattern and Design
Photo via Charm City Cakes West 

Tiers of beautiful madness cake:

This gorgeous cake is designed by Katherine Hill of Charm City Cakes West, and what a stunner it is. One would think that combining so many different bold patterns and bright colors would cause clashing, but because the cake is so clean in its design and each tier is so different, it works! I love this cake, and the red palm frond and electric blue flower give it gorgeous added texture too.

Shimmering Gold Tiered Cake with Gathered Design
Photo via Sweet & Saucy Shop

Gold ruffled and ruched tiered wonder:

Champagne, caviar and a gorgeously gold cake! This cake reminds me of an episode of Say Yes To The Dress where a woman spends $34,000 on her dream wedding gown and it’s a metallic silver Marie Antoinette gone 1980s gorgeous avant-garde dress. I love the gold wrapping and ruching of this ruffled cake!

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Which avant-garde cake is your favorite?

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