Slipped Stitches and Colorwork

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In this session, knitting expert Michele Lee Bernstein demonstrates how yarn color dominance in stranded knitting works. Stranded colorwork is a technique where more than one color of yarn is used on a row (or round) of knitting. When working this type of colorwork, it’s possible to control the color dominance in the project.

The Quilted Lattice Stitch is an interesting stitch pattern, worked on a background of Stockinette stitch (knit on Right Side/purl on Wrong Side). Long floats (or strands) are left on the front of the work, to be worked in later rows to create the quilted effect. In this session, Michele Lee Bernstein demonstrates this stitch pattern.

The Quilted Lattice Stitch is worked over a multiple of 6 plus 3 stitches, and 8 rows, as follows:

  • Row 1 (RS): K2, *sl 5 wyif, k1; rep from * to last st, k1.
  • Row 2 and even-numbered rows (WS): Purl all sts.
  • Row 3: K4, *insert right needle under loose strand and k1, k5; rep from * to last 5 sts, insert right needle under loose strand and k1, k4.
  • Row 5: K1, sl 3 wyif, *k1, sl 5 wyif; rep from * to last 5 sts; k1, sl 3 wyif, k1.
  • Row 7: K1, *insert right needle under loose strand and k1, k5; rep from * to last 2 sts, insert right needle under loose strand and k1, k1.
  • Row 8: Purl all sts.
  • Rep Rows 1 – 8 for pattern.

    sl: slip stitch purlwise
    wyif: with yarn in front

    In this session, knitting expert Corrina Ferguson reviews some common mistakes in slipped stitch knitting. She offers simple solutions to fixing these mistakes so you can be on your way to continuing your beautiful slipped-stitch project.
    Corrina Ferguson reviews different ways to knit stripes in this session. She looks at some common knitting fabrics (Stockinette stitch, garter stitch, and ribbing) and offers tips & tricks to keep your stripes looking their best.
    In this session, Corrina Ferguson demonstrates the steps needed to knit her Cadmus Cowlette pattern. It’s a top-down cowlette started with a flat triangle worked in slip stitch patterning. Knit up in a luxurious worsted weight yarn, the piece uses three colors, blending them together beautifully in a cozy, generously sized cowlette. An optional 3-color tassel finishes off this fun knit!
    5 Lessons
    59  mins

    Curious about colorwork? This video bundle features nearly 60 minutes of expert instruction on color work and slipped stitch techniques. Learn about color dominance, tips for knitting stripes, the techniques needed to knit a slipped stitch cowlette, and more.

    Videos Include:

  • Yarn Color Dominance in Stranded Knitting
  • Quilted Lattice Stitch
  • Fixing Mistakes in Slipped Stitch Projects
  • How to Knit Stripes
  • How to Knit a Slipped Stitch Cowlette
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