Why You Should Learn Machine Quilting

Wendy Butler BernsBy Wendy Butler Berns | Author of Photo Album Quilts

My name is Wendy, and for 15 years, I’ve traveled the United States to teach and lecture on the craft of quilting. In 2009, I was humbled to receive the Jewel Pearce Patterson Scholarship for Quilting Teachers. I’ve also written articles about quilting, which have been printed in Quilting Arts, Quilting Newsletter, and other publications. And of course, I quilt!

One of my specialties as a quilter is the machine. From start to finish, I can complete the quilt on my own machine. I’ve been able to use the machine for quilts of all sizes, and for techniques of all types. Free-motion is something that I absolutely love, and that has become a cornerstone of my quilts. It’s also become a focus of my teachings, especially in my online class at Bluprint: Machine Quilting: Free-Motion & More. Click here to buy it now!

When Bluprint came to me and asked if I would be interested in teaching a class about Machine Quilting, I was delighted. I’ve always tried to reach as many people as possible. But with Bluprint, I’ve reached more than ever. I’ve got students around the world taking my class Machine Quilting: Free-Motion & More! And since these online classes are interactive, I still get to answer questions and offer one-on-one advice.

In my class, I teach everything from the basics like thread selection and setting up your workspace to bigger and better things like layering, assembling and binding. I also show you how to develop your free-motion skills, and how you can become a pro at it starting with a pencil and paper. There are tons of other tips that I just know you’ll love.

You’ll also love the price. Usually it’s $59.99, but for a short time, Bluprint is letting me offer it for 50% off! Click here to buy now! You can take the class whenever (and however many times) you want. So be sure to sign up for it now to get that discount! Like I said, I know you’ll love what I have to show you. And Bluprint does, too: they guarantee their students’ satisfaction with all of their classes, including mine. If you’re not happy with it, they’ll refund your money, no questions asked.

Be a master of your machine, and find free-motion bliss. Buy my class Machine Quilting: Free-Motion & More for 50% off now!
Wendy Butler Berns

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