8 Wedding Embroidery Ideas That Will Last a Lifetime

Weddings are so different these days. Nearly gone are the days where wedding registries list toasters, towels and sheets, as most people getting married have lived together for some time and already have a house full of stuff. Now weddings are great opportunities for personalized gifts that really mean something. That’s where the crafters come in!

Follow along for some great wedding embroidery ideas!

Hand stitched wedding venue portrait by marna LuntHand-stitched wedding venue portrait by Marna Lunt

Embroidered art of the venue

What is more personal than a beautifully handcrafted gift? You can create something simple like adding to a wedding dress by stitching a little blue bow inside the lining, or something more complex like using a small swatch from the wedding dress or groom’s outfit to create amazing artwork of the wedding venue.

Hand stitched wedding venue portrait by marna Lunt

Hand-stitched wedding venue portrait by Marna Lunt

Traditional horseshoes

Inspiring embroiderer Vicky Trainor is somewhat a wedding specialist and makes stunning hand-stitched wedding stationery, table names, signs for receptions and traditional horseshoes in a delightful way. She is the queen of floral and uses stunning fabric in these creations. 

A beautifyl hand stitched floral wedding horse shoe made by Vicky Trainor.

Stitched floral horseshoe via Vicky Trainor

Hand-stitched cards

I love the idea of hand-stitched cards to send to the happy couple as an RSVP, a celebration card on the day of or a thank you card after the event. 

A little piece of inspiration courtesy of Vicky Trainor

Embroidered stationary via Vicky Trainor

Stitched samplers

Another idea is to turn your stitchings into samplers that you could frame and gift. One of the reasons I love samplers as a gift is the history behind the art form.

A modern day hoop sampler by Marna Lunt

An updated version of a sampler by Marna Lunt.

Samplers are often seen as nostalgic pieces because they have historically been a method of recording information. Keep this in mind as you create some fabulous personal pieces for weddings.

Why not stitch their names, dates of where they met, their interests and bits of their personal journey together? This stitched record will surely become an heirloom for a new family.

Beginner’s Guide to Beautiful Hand Embroidery

Beginner’s Guide to Beautiful Hand Embroidery

From supplies to popular stitches, get the essentials you need to know for beautiful hand embroidery!Get My FREE Guide »

More inspiration from Bluprint members:

Embroidered linen purse, a beautiful gift for a bride or bridesmaid by LaurastitchEmbroidered linen purse via Bluprint member Laurastitch

Embroidered bag

Here is a beautiful and delicate linen embroidered purse that would be great as a gift for any maid of honor or bride to store their makeup during the special day. This would be far better than any store-bought bag and you can make sure it matches the wedding theme.

Cross stitched heart by craftsy member Sisters Dreams.Cross-stitched heart via Bluprint member Sisters Dreams.

Hand-stitched heart

Another lovely find is this cross-stitched heart that could be personalized for the special couple with the date of the wedding and their names. Fill it with lavender or add a longer loop and the bride can wear it on her wrist.

Cross stitch pattern great for wedding cards by DJ's Dream

A cross-stitch pattern great for wedding cards via Bluprint member DJ’s Dreams.

Pattern-inspired art

Why not try making a sampler or card for the happy couple using this great pattern?

Get the Wedding Roses pattern here.

Great patter for a wedding pillow by The Raspberry Rabbits Falling for You pillow by Raspberry Rabbits

Artful pillow

This beautiful pillow would be great and unique idea for a wedding gift or for anniversaries.

Get the Falling for You pattern here.

Get started stitching

The list of things to make for weddings can seem endless, but it’s easier to narrow down when you ask yourself if you have enough time to make your idea. You don’t want to ruin your project by rushing it or putting undue pressure on yourself, so be thoughtful about your choice. It’s meant to be fun for you, too!

Beginner’s Guide to Beautiful Hand Embroidery

Beginner’s Guide to Beautiful Hand Embroidery

From supplies to popular stitches, get the essentials you need to know for beautiful hand embroidery!Get My FREE Guide »

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