Top 5 Trendy Plants to Grow This Year

With container gardening, urban farming and aquaponics, gardening is more popular than ever, and with popularity comes trends. There are several plants that are popping up everywhere. Let’s take a look at the trendiest plants to grow in 2014.


1. Raspberry shortcake

Raspberries are no longer strictly a crop of the countryside. This new variety of raspberry was specially designed to be compactly grown in containers so city and suburban residents can enjoy the sweet summer berries growing right on their balcony or patio. Unlike its raspberry cousin, this variety is thorn-less, making it an ideal choice for families and young gardeners.


2. Succulents

These easy-to-care-for plants are beautiful and versatile. They’ll even grow vertically attached to a patio wall! They come in a wide variety of shapes, colors and textures, and can be mixed and matched to form beautiful container gardens on your property. When the outdoor growing season is over, these heat-loving plants can continue to thrive in a terrarium in your home.

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black bamboo plant

Photo via Flickr member Howard Dickins

3. Bamboo

New varieties of bamboo and innovations in its care have made it turn from scary, take-over-your-neighborhood weed to beautiful and controllable landscaping. Bamboo dealers have begun marketing a clumping variety of the plant that will stay put where you plant it and not venture into neighboring yards. As a plant that can grow 3 feet per day and is traditionally very invasive, this gives a lot of bamboo lovers hope for cultivating it on their property. Black bamboo is becoming increasingly more popular as a decorative container plant.

bonsai tree

Photo via Flickr member ragesoss

4. Miniature bonsai trees

Japan has brought on a new trend in trees: the cho-mini bonsai, or ultra small bonsai. These trees barely stand over 1 inch tall and fit into miniscule, yet beautiful, ceramic pots. These tiny trees are perfect for apartment or tiny house dwellers who might not have the space for traditional houseplants.

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air plant

5. Tillandsia, aka air plants

These beautiful and exotic plants are all the rage this year. Tilandsia, or air plants, don’t need soil to survive, they only need to be dunked in water every once in a while. This allows for endless amazing design possibilities. Air plants work wonderfully in terrariums, hanging by fishing line from the ceiling, some people have even incorporated them into jewelry! The ease of care for these plants and the fact that you can grow them in any creative way under the sun makes them a big hit this year.

Most of the trendiest plants of 2014 are so easy to grow, there’s no reason not to! They’re sure to brighten up your home and garden, and their popularity will make you the star of the neighborhood.

Which trendy plants are you eager to grow this year?

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