Hugs and Quiches: Tips for Making Perfect Quiches Every Time

Why should sweet pies have all the fun when making quiche yields such a satisfying savory meal? Quiche is firmly planted in breakfast recipe territory but is nonetheless extremely versatile and can be tailored to suit your flavor preferences. Whether you’re baking a brunch friendly bacon and egg-filled treat or an elegant vegetarian dinner with a healthy side salad, quiche is extremely easy to adapt in a number of delicious ways.

A Delicious Quiche: Tips for Making Quiche on

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Here are some tips to making the perfect quiche recipe

When it comes to creating the perfect quiche, there are some simple tips and tricks to guarantee success. Apply these to your favorite quiche recipe to take it from fine to divine.

If you love the combination of savory ingredients with flaky crust, you’ll adore the Craftsy class Savory Tarts, Quiches, and Galettes. Discover the secrets to savory pastries with cookbook author Martha Holmberg as your guide, focusing on all sorts of savory tarts, from Provençal pizza and quiche to caramelized cabbage and sausage strudel.

Leek, spinach and green chile torta

Leek, spinach and green chile torta via Martha Holmberg

Par-bake the crust

There’s nothing worse than a quiche with a gummy, gooey crust. Avoid this and keep the crust’s texture intact by par-baking. Since you’re going to bake it with filling, a bake of 10 minutes or so in the preheated oven before baking the quiche should do the job. You’re looking for a set, dull finish rather than browning.

This will serve you well once you add the wet ingredients, which can make the crust soggy. Think of it as a buffer to maintain an appetizing consistency in the crust which will flake, not become gluey.

Prepare fillings in advance

If your quiche has bacon, veggies, or other fillings, cook or sauté them first before mixing with the eggs and baking. In the case of meats, it will bring out the flavor and ensure that they are fully and properly cooked. In terms of veggies, it allows you to add flavor and reduce excess moisture, ensuring they maintain flavor and don’t become gummy or gross once baked.

Let the items cool, and then stir into your egg mixture.

Egg, Ham and Cheese Quiche

Give it room to grow.

You know how you only fill cupcake liners or cake pans three fourths full before baking? Do the same with quiche. The eggs will rise as it bakes, and you don’t want your crust to runneth over. Allowing a little room for rise will allow for a perfect texture in your finished quiche.

Of course, if you’re still worried about overflow, you can place a sheet pan in an oven rack below the quiche.

Extra tip: If you have extra egg mixture, you can bake mini-quiche cups, or use the leftover as a scramble. No egg left behind.

Quiche filled with Veggies and Cheese cooling

Let it be

This is possibly the most difficult tip of all. Even though the top may appear tantalizingly and perfectly brown, the inside is still catching up, so be patient before cutting into your quiche. The inside will continue to bake even while the exterior reaches a warm temperature. A good rule is to wait at least 45 minutes, if you can. It will still taste good if you slice it sooner, but things could certainly get messy.

Cucumber Side Salad

Cucumber salad via Its done JJ

Serve with a side

Adding a side is an easy way to upgrade quiche from snack to meal. A lovely side salad can balance out the richness of quiche and make for an elegant serving presentation. For breakfast, a side of seasonal fresh fruit can make it a brunch-friendly treat and give the plating a pretty pop of color.

What’s your favorite filling for quiche?

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