Stitch a Scrappy Sunflower Block With This FREE Tutorial!

What better way to beat the heat than by staying inside and sewing a scrappy sunflower block? August Scrappy Sunflower block This block is made almost entirely with 1½” cut strips and squares. Fields of sunflowers found in the late summer were the inspiration for this quick little scrappy patchwork block, but if you don’t have enough yellow or orange scraps, feel free to make your sunflower any color you choose!

Follow along for this sunflower quilt block tutorial!

Step 1: Gather your scraps

scrap selection for block Collect some scraps that have sunny shades of yellow or orange, a few greens for the leaves and one square of brown for the center. Leftover strips from other projects are perfect for this block!

Step 2: Cut the fabric

cutting instructions for sunflower block
  • From the brown, cut one square 2½”
  • From the green, cut eight squares 1½”
  • From the yellow or orange, cut four squares 1½” and eight rectangles 1½” x 2½”
  • From the background fabric, cut two strips 1½” x 8½”, two strips 1½” x 6½”, and 20 squares 1½”

Step 3: Stack and draw sewing lines

marking the squares Layer each of the eight green squares with eight of the background squares, right sides together. Using a ruler or straight edge, draw a diagonal pencil line from one corner to the opposite corner on the background square. marking the rectangle units Layer a background square on top of each yellow rectangle, right sides together. Draw a diagonal pencil line from one corner to the opposite corner. Notice that four of the lines slant to the left, and four slant to the right. This is important! The sunflower will not be correct if all the lines slope the same direction.

Step 4: Sew along drawn lines & trim

sewing the squares Sew on the drawn lines on each square and each rectangle unit. Then, use a ruler and a rotary cutter to cut ¼” away from one side of the sewn line. triming the rectangles Cut the excess on the rectangle units the same way.

Step 5: Press the units

pressing the squares Press all of the squares open with the seam allowances facing toward the green. pressing the rectangles Press the rectangle units open with the seam allowances facing the background.

Step 6: Make the four-patches

assembling the four patches Arrange one yellow square, one background square and two green half-square triangles as shown above. four finished four patches Sew the rows together, then sew the two units together and press the seams open. Make four of these four patches.

Step 7: Assemble the block

layout for the block Lay out the block units as shown above. layout with rectangle units sewn Sew the yellow-and-white rectangle units together as shown. Press the seams open. Sew the block together like a nine patch: Sew the units into three rows. Press the seams on the middle row toward the brown square. Press the seams on the other two rows toward the four patches. Then sew the rows together and press the seams toward the middle row. block center sewn and borders Sew the 6½” strips to opposite sides of the block. Press toward the strips. Repeat with the 8½” strips on the remaining sides. finished August Scrappy Block Now admire your sweet scrappy sunflower block! It is 8½” now and will be 8″ once it is sewn into a quilt or project.
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