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Cut Your Knitting: Strand and Steek with Confidence

Circular Colorwork Simplified: Stranding & Steeking Savvy

Beth Whiteside Bluprint Instructor

Knit beautiful stranded colorwork in the round and cut your steeks open without fuss or anxiety. It’s quicker and easier than knitting the same project flat! Hi, I’m instructor Beth Whiteside. Join me in my online Bluprint class, Cut Your Knitting: Strand & Steek With Confidence. I’ll teach you basic colorwork skills using two eye-catching circular projects and show you how to steek them for clean, fabulous results.

During class, you’ll practice your newfound skills on a unique tablet case and a fun cozy. You’ll see multiple methods for working with two colors and how to maintain your tension, manage floats and more. When we move on, I’ll break down colorwork charts to show you how they can speed things up, introduce you to new styles of stranding and lay out the steps to clean, confident steeking.

Steek stranded knitting

To begin class, I’ll guide you through colorwork basics for casting on in two colors and knitting a beautiful herringbone braid. As you start your tablet case, I’ll share the skills you need for working with multiple colors, keeping yarns untangled, creating even stitches and maintaining tidy floats. You’ll even learn to weave your ends in as you go — it’s a real timesaver for finishing!

When you’re knitting with two colors, you can hold one color in each hand or both colors in one hand. To find the best, most comfortable method for you, I’ll demonstrate different approaches you can experiment with. Plus, you’ll see how to use a knitting thimble to keep strands in order.

Then, find out how much easier colorwork charts are to follow than written instructions! I’ll guide you through charts for both flat projects and working in the round, before you find out how to work the three–needle bind–off to close the bottom of the tablet case. You’ll also see how to pick up stitches for the case flap and create a strap to close it.

Stranding made easy

Want to branch out into new types of stranding? I’ll explain some different chart types, pros and cons of each and show you how Fair Isle compares to other types of stranded knitting. We’ll explore a variety of patterns and play with color choices, before we dive into steek stitches and corrugated ribbing for the next project: a charming cozy.

As I guide you through your cozy, you’ll find out how to change colors and secure long floats. You’ll also conquer three must–have methods for securing your steeks, so you can cut without fear.

When we get to our final lesson, it’s finally steek–cutting time! I’ll show you how to snip those stitches safely and pick up your edge stitches for the cozy’s button bands. Join Cut Your Knitting: Strand & Steek With Confidence today, and you’ll even find out how to secure your cut edges for a polished look in your projects.

Finishing steeked edges

I love explaining things — if I can explain it, then that means I understand it! But what really drives my love for teaching is finding new ways to make that light bulb turn on, so I can share the “aha!” moments with knitters as they grow in their craft. I’ve taught locally since 2003 and nationally at STITCHES since 2005.

Aside from teaching, I’m a designer and technical editor who’s as curious as ever. I can never stick to one method or style! I’ve had designs published in Creative Knitting and Knitter’s Magazine, as well as by yarn companies like Cascade and Fiesta.

I’m so excited to team up with Bluprint because they share my goal of leading you to those moments of clarity. They make it easy, enjoyable and stress–free, with online video classes you can watch at your preferred pace and return to anytime, anywhere, forever.

Create stranded projects the easier way! Find out how to knit beautiful colorwork in the round and steek it with the utmost confidence.

Join us in Cut Your Knitting: Strand & Steek With Confidence!

Beth Whiteside | Bluprint Instructor

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