A Handy Hack to Square Up Blocks (Tips from Our Fall Quilt-Along)

One of the best things about the Canyon Creek Quilt-Along — besides Monique Dillard’s breathtaking design, of course — is the bonus video tips from our quilting extraordinaire, Callie Works-Leary. Inside, she shares a fast and easy way to trim blocks into a precise square.

We’re sharing her tips for trimming blocks into a perfect square!

Step 1:

First, you’ll need to find a ruler that’s a little larger than the size of your block. Then, find some tape. (Callie likes to use painter’s tape, but washi tape or duct tape work too.)

Placing Painters Tape on Quilting Ruler

On your ruler, find the lines that match the size you need to trim your block to. Place a piece of tape next to — not on top of — the lines you’re cutting. You’ll want to place two pieces of tape, perpendicular to each other.

Square Ruler With Taped Guidelines

These pieces of tape serve as a guideline for your eye whenever you go to line up the ruler with your block.

Step 2:

Now, it’s not enough to just place this taped ruler on your block and trim. You need to make sure you align it correctly. For the next step, you’ll find the center point on your ruler.

Placing ruler over another ruler

The taped off section of your ruler should have one diagonal line running through it. Line up a second ruler — maybe a 16″ x 24″ — with where the other diagonal would go. So, you’ll align the ruler edge with two corners of the taped section on your square square ruler, as if you’re going to draw a diagonal line that’s perpendicular to the line already on your ruler.

Marking ruler with dry erase marker

Then, find where the ruler edge and the diagonal line meet, and mark the center point with a dry erase marker.

Step 3:

Center point on ruler aligned with center point on quilt block

Line up the center point on the ruler with the center point on your block, using the tape to help guide you there. Now you’re ready to trim!

Aligning quilt block with marked ruler

Trim the two sides, then rotate your block, align it the same way, and trim the last two sides. When you’re finished, you should have a perfectly cut block.

Squared Up Quarter Square Triangle

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