Announcing the Spring Spotlight Challenge Winner!

Wow! We were so impressed by the dozens of entries we received for our Spring Spotlight Challenge, and choosing just one winner was quite a challenge.

The entries spanned all styles, compositions and even media.

Some artists chose landscapes:

Forever a Lifetime They Will Bloom by Ly Chhun Mom

While others chose extreme close-ups:

Dahlia Colored Pencil Drawing

Dahlia by Christine Johnson

We received submissions in many artistic mediums, from watercolor to pen and ink:

Apple Blossom by Erika Kohutovicova

Cosmos by Wendi Knape

Cosmos by Wendi Knape

And we got a few unexpected mediums, too!

Sugar Flower

Deborah Stauch created edible chocolate tulips and a fondant-covered cake pot.

Floral Art Quilt

Jessica Salter’s art quilt features skillful free-motion work and thread painting.

Our team debated long and hard on the winner, and decided on this wonderful work by Laurie Marocco.

Spring Spotlight Entry by Laurie Marocco

In Laurie’s words:

“I’ve been drawing and gardening for many years. I’ve worked in various mediums, and I especially like the fine control and good blending abilities that colored pencils offer. I’m inspired by nature and by looking at other people’s art.”

From our art editor Anna Ghublikian:

“This piece is impressive both from afar and up close. We love Laurie’s use of atmospheric perspective to make the foreground objects pop. There are a variety of beautiful green hues, as well as an impressive re-creation of the leaf textures. The skillfully executed shadows give a realistic sense of depth and dimension. Bravo, Laurie.”

Learn to create your own floral masterpieces!

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