Six Questions with Laura Nelkin

This week, we sat down with Laura Nelkin, instructor of the online Bluprint classes Knitting with Beads and Mastering Lace Shawls.

In this chat, learn all about Laura’s must-have knitting supplies, what item has been in her stash the longest (hint: she acquired it quite some time before she even learned to knit!), and all about her biggest knitting disaster.

Laura Nelkin

Thanks for playing along, Laura! And to all you Bluprint readers out there, make sure to check out Laura’s great classes! And remember, we post a new Six Questions every week, so keep checking back!

1. What was your first knitting project?

I learned to knit and read a pattern at the same time with Fiber Trend’s basic mitten pattern.  These were so much more interesting to knit than a scarf and I’m SO glad I chose them as my first project.  If I started with a scarf I might have abandoned it due to boredom 10 inches in!  My Flip-Top Mittens are inspired by this pattern!

2. What are your three desert island knitting supplies?

Size 5 Chiaogoo Red Lace Needles, 1 huge skein of hand-dyed lace weight yarn, and 100 grams of size 8 beads… that would keep me busy for a while!

3. What item has been in your stash the longest?

A skein of handspun hand-dyed yarn I got from La Lana Wools in Taos, New Mexico when I was 20 (13 years before I learned how to knit!).

4. Cat person, dog person, or do pets just interfere with your knitting time?

We are a one of anything kind of family. Right now we have: 1 kid, 1 standard poodle, 1 cat (the 1 goldfish passed away.)  The critters I put my foot down about are rodents, no rats, guinea pigs or hamsters are allowed to move in!

5. What was your biggest knitting disaster? 

I decided to knit my honey a lovely BIG cardigan in worsted weight superwash at a loose gauge… without understanding anything about gauge, the effects of yarn weight, and the characteristics of superwash.  By the time I finished knitting it, sewed in the zipper, and got it on his body it had GROWN.  I don’t think he’ll ever let me take a pic of it for you to see.  I should have knit the gauge WAY tighter and chosen a smaller size and probably not used superwash…. let’s just say it’s still in a pile to be repurposed!

6. In 10 words or less, what inspires you?

My “people,” hot showers, getting outdoors, and my stash!


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