Feet Feeling Frozen? Warm Your Toes With 6 Knitted Wooly Slipper Patterns

Slippers are one of my favorite knitting patterns. They’re quick to knit, and perfect for gift giving as well as keeping around the house for guests! There’s a little something for everyone with lots of different styles and constructions.

Keep your toes warm this winter with these cozy knitted slipper patterns!

Non-felted patterns

Don’t want to mess around with felting? These slippers are ready to wear right off the needles. Wool makes the warmest slippers, of course, and you can use superwash wool or synthetics for slippers that you can toss in the washing machine.

Lazy Daisy Slips

Photo via Craftsy member Tangled Handknits

These awesome knitted booties are worked up in a unique bulky yarn – Knit Collage’s Daisy Chain yarn has glitter and daisy trims spun right in! The sewn on leather soles will ensure these boots last a long, long time. Worked in the round, and available in 2 women’s sizes.

Get the Lazy Daisy Slips pattern here.

Two Hour Toe Up Slippers

Photo via Craftsy member Amanda Lilley

Don’t have a much time? These low, sock-like slippers knit up in a jiffy from the toe up with two strands of worsted weight yarn held together – terrific for stashbusting! Worked in the round starting with Judy’s magic cast on, on double pointed needles. These slippers are a great blank canvas for embroidery on top of the foot!

Get the Two Hour Toe Up Slippers pattern here.

Sock Monkey Slippers for Adults

Photo via Craftsy member AuntJanet

Quirky sock monkey slippers for adults! These are a little more involved in the finishing department, but these comfortable slippers fit great and are adorable. These slippers are knit flat, so no double pointed needles necessary. Worked in worsted weight and available in 3 sizes! Check out AuntJanet’s other patterns as well, she has loads of slipper patterns for adults and kids.

Get the Sock Monkey Slippers pattern here.

Felted patterns

Felting knitted fabrics involves washing them in the machine with HOT water and a little soap, to shrink up the fibers and give you a long-lasting, very warm material. Felted slippers need to be worked in non-superwash wool – cotton and synthetic fibers will not felt!

Felted Slipper Socks

Photo via Craftsy member Mimi Kezer

These felted booties look great in two colors, but you can always just do one if you prefer! Worsted weight yarn is held double throughout, which results in a nice dense fabric after felting.

Get the Felted Slipper Socks pattern here.

Needle knit Felted Slippers

Photo via Craftsy member Kriskrafter

These gorgeous felted clogs are knit flat – no double pointed needles. Super quick to knit, and instructions are included for a non-slip sole! Worked in worsted weight yarn, available in 3 women’s sizes.

Get the Two Needle Felted Slippers pattern here.

Mens Loafer Slippers Felted Knit

Photo via Craftsy member MoniqueRae

How about something for the men in your life? These stylish knitted loafers have a nice high back so they don’t slip off, and cover the top of the foot for maximum warmth. Knitted in the round, as well as some flat sections, and uses short rows. Four men’s sizes are provided – perfect for gifts! Don’t worry ladies, there’s a loafer pattern for you too.

Get the Men’s Loafer Slippers pattern here.
Get the Ladies’ Loafer Slippers pattern here.

What are you knitting to keep warm this season?

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