Jewelry That Rocks: Geode and Rock Necklaces

Every time I spot geode or rock necklaces, I think about the rock tumbler I had as a kid that was supposed to turn rocks into gorgeous sparkly stones. It never worked, but that was probably because I used gravel from our driveway.

I love geode and rock necklaces because they are bold enough to stand on their own, but they can also be combined with many other elements. Plus, you don’t need any special skills to use a geode or rock. You can make the design as simple or as complex as you’d like.

Not sure how to get started with your geode or rock necklaces? Our talented Bluprint members are showing off a few pieces to inspire you to create your own. (For those who like the guidance of step-by-step instructions, we also have a few geode and rock necklace tutorials in here!)

Druzy Pendants

Photo via Bluprint member AgaDesigns

Druzy Pendants

Bluprint instructor Aga Kruk bought these gorgeous pendants to attach to necklaces she created. If you love Aga’s style, you can enroll in her Wire-Wrapped Stones, Crystals & Clusters class where you’ll learn wire-wrap techniques and create seven beautiful jewelry projects.

See more about the Druzy Pendants here.

Drusy Quartz Geode Wrapped with Silver

Photo via Bluprint member Desert Shine

Drusy Quartz Geode Wrapped with Silver

Geodes are gorgeous enough to stand on their own, sure, but add some silver and beads and you’ve got yourself an even more glamorous piece. Designer Desert Shine created this freeform so it’s a totally unique project.

Find out more about the Drusy Quartz Geode Wrapped with Silver here.

Men's Micro Macrame Necklaces

Photo via Bluprint member ZaneyMay

Men’s Micro Macrame Necklace

Rocks look great wrapped with metals, but they can also go a little more casual. These rock necklaces are paired with macrame cording for a necklace that’s appropriate for anything from a day at the beach to a low-key night out.

Get the Men’s Micro Macrame Necklace tutorial here.

Amethyst and Clay Flower Pendant

Photo via Bluprint member Gayle Bird

Amethyst and Clay Flower Pendant

I bet you have a couple of pieces in your stash that you could combine to make this pendant. Geode, charms, polymer clay and wire all work together here. The tutorial will even show you how to encase those crazy rough-edged geodes into clay so you can work around it easily.

Get the Amethyst and Clay Flower Pendant tutorial here.

Purple Druzy Necklace

Photo via Bluprint member Ali E. Vill

Purple Druzy Necklace

If you really want to show off those shiny rocks, this is the way to go! If you don’t want to use a centerpiece this large, a smaller one could work too.

Find out more about the Purple Druzy Necklace here.

Blue Agate Druzy Necklace

Photo via Bluprint member Maro

Blue Agate Necklace

A geode slice looks right at home paired with these Czech beads. I love the idea of pairing two complementary colors like this, especially when the Czech beads are so unexpected. If you have a smaller geode slice, you could also consider making a bracelet inspired by this project.

Find out more about the Blue Agate Necklace here.

Queen of Cahokia rock necklace

Photo via Bluprint member Keith Pearson

Queen of Cahokia

Designer Keith Pearson admits that he never would’ve purchased these rocks himself; his brother actually purchased them at a rock show. Looks like creativity struck when Keith looked at those rocks, though, because this gorgeous necklace and earring set is totally inspiring.

Find out more about the Queen of Cahokia necklace and earrings here.

Rustic Beauty geode necklace

Photo via Bluprint member Audra Baade

Rustic Beauty

This geode is wrapped in copper and is surrounded by seed beads, semiprecious stones, and copper findings. In this case, knowing which elements to pair with the geode are key for the rustic look. It’s further proof that geodes don’t always have to stand alone.

Find out more about the Rustic Beauty necklace here.

Have you ever worked with geodes or rocks before in your jewelry? How did you use them?

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