Oh Baby! Quilts and Projects for New Arrivals

Is there any joy greater than welcoming a new baby into the world? Babies give us so much to celebrate, but they require quite a bit of equipment as well! Quilted baby gifts can be easy to make and will be sure to touch a new mom’s heart.

We recently rounded up quilted toys and pre-cut baby quilt kits, and now we’ve gathered a whole list of gift-worthy projects for little ones! If you are lucky enough to be celebrating a new arrival, or know someone who is, here are some of the fun baby related patterns available in the Bluprint shop.

fabric storage basket patternPhoto via Bluprint member Blissful Patterns

Fabric Bin

This fabric basket will hold all kinds of baby gear and toys. It would also work well as a cute gift bag for a baby quilt!

Get the cute fabric bin pattern here.

Perfect Prism Charm Friendly Baby Quilt

Photo via Bluprint member and instructor Amy Gibson

Perfect Prism

A sweet quilt like this is an obvious choice. Choose fabrics and colors that will coordinate with the nursery theme. Remember to fasten down seams and bindings very well as little toes and fingers will be squirming about. Also, embellishments such as buttons and ribbons can be fun, just make sure they are securely attached so as not to be a choking hazard. Keeping baby safe is just as important as keeping baby warm!

Find the Perfect Prism Charm-Friendly Baby Quilt pattern here.

Crossover Baby Bib Pattern

Photo via Bluprint member Precious Patterns

Crossover Baby Bib

Messes will happen! New babies are delightful and charming, but they do make messes. This cute baby bib is reversible and will soak up any spills. It can be made for boys or girls, just choose some fun bright fabrics and keep baby clean with style!

Find the Crossover Baby Bib pattern here.

Baby Burp Cloths Tutorial

Photo via Bluprint member Marcia Wachuta

Baby Burp Cloths

Bibs might keep baby clean, but mom or dad will need a little help too. These burp cloths with sew up in a snap and be so useful. Toss them in the wash over and over, and let them take a little abuse instead of your shirt!

Find the Baby Burp Cloths pattern and tutorial here.

Cloth Diaper Pattern

Photo via Bluprint member Jubilee Junction

Cloth diapers

Speaking of messes, diapers are a necessity and if baby will be wearing fabric diapers, these are highly recommended. Tested and proven over years of use, this is one pattern you will definitely want to try.

Find the cloth diaper pattern here.

Essential Diaper Clutch Pattern

Photo via Bluprint member The Cloth Parcel

Essential Diaper Clutch

And let’s not forget that mom likes cute stuff too! While baby is getting all the cool new gifts and gadgets, sew up this sweet diaper clutch for mom so she can be prepared and look good. This clutch holds a few diapers and travel size wipes for occasions when an entire diaper bag is not needed.

Find the Essential Diaper Clutch pattern here.

Sophie Diaper Bag Pattern

Photo via Bluprint member Susie D Designs

Sophie Diaper Bag

However, in most cases, mom will need to carry a full set of supplies anytime she takes baby on an outing. She can really impress with this gorgeous diaper bag that includes a full zip closure and an adjustable strap. By choosing fabrics that she loves, you can make a bag that she’ll be proud to carry.

Find the Sophie Diaper Bag pattern here.

Barnyard Baby Tag Toys

Photo via Bluprint member SweaterDoll

Barnyard Baby Tag Toys

If you are really feeling creative, give these super cute tag toys a try. They can be sewn and stuffed for little hands to hold. The tags and loops make them easy to grip by even the smallest of fingers. They soft and safe and will travel well in that new diaper bag!

Find the Barnyard Baby Tag Toys patterns here.

Scrappy Patchwork Gift Bag

Photo via Bluprint member SherriQuilts

Scrappy Patchwork Gift Bag

If you’ve already bought a gift, or plan to, but want to present it in style, make this cute little patchwork bag! After it has been used as a gift bag, it could easily be repurposed for many things. Use pinks or blues or go neutral. This bag would be cute in almost any color combination.

Find the Scrappy Patchwork Gift Bag pattern here.

Have fun choosing and making a gift for that special new baby. Remember, they won’t be little for long, so be sure to give them lots of snuggles!

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    Roberta Da Silva-Els

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