Bolster Your Embroidery With These 10 Pillow Embroidery Designs

Pillows appeal to all ages. Whether you want to embroider on a purchased pillow top or want to make one of your own, we have a great selection of pillow embroidery designs and patterns to get your creativity flowing!

In the Hoop Pillow Stuffy Collection

Photo via Craftsy member Ptarmigan Designz

Pillows are standards in our homes for many reasons. We use them for comfort, as a decorative accent,  even as tribute pieces.

Let’s take a look at some pillow embroidery designs!

Pretty petals

Rose Border Pillow

Photo via Craftsy member Embroidershoppe

If it is possible to make an embroidered rose even more beautiful, this is it! Three-dimensional embroidery designs really stand out. Sheer organza petals stitched in the hoop add a delicate touch to the flat embroidered leaves and buds.

Kitten with Red Poppies 

Photo via Craftsy member Embroidershoppe.

A kitten with 3-D poppies — priceless!

Cute and cuddly 

In the Hoop Pillow Stuffy 2

Photo via Craftsy member Ptarmigan Designz

Kids will go crazy with these pillows and they can be made in the hoop! There are 16 varieties from which to choose. Buy individually or buy the whole set — it’s like buying 5 and getting the rest free!

Quilt it

Mach Emb Butterfly 02 Quilt Block

Photo via Craftsy member Sanity’s Machine Embroidery Designs

Quilt blocks are perfect for pillow toppers because most of them are square. They also have the added benefit of a quilted surface that is done entirely by machine! 

Text it 

knitting dentist phototography pillow tops

Photo via Craftsy member Carol Price

Take subway art, add a ruffle, and you have a unique pillow that is certain to be a conversation piece! 

Embroidered double flange cushion 

Photo via Craftsy member sewingpatternsonthenet

An inspirational saying to embroider and a pillow pattern make the perfect combination!

Other pillow patterns 

Pillow Cover Sewing Pattern

Photo via Craftsy member Livi Stitches Patterns

Stitch up your basic pillow in four sizes: 12×16, 16×16, 18×18, and 20×20. Then, you can customize it further with embroidery designs.

 Pillow Fight Pillowcase Pattern

Photo via Craftsy member Ola Jane & Oily Jack Patterns

Make standard, queen, and king-sized pillows or a travel size. Additional flap so the pillow does not fall out.

 Get stitching! What is your favorite way to embroider pillows? 

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