The Path to Quilt Market

There’s no doubt that Sheri Cifaldi-Morrill worked hard to earn our first-ever Quilt Designer Fellowship. But the hard work didn’t stop after she scored the title! She had lots of work to do to prepare her Quilt Market booth.

Sheri shared a few moments in her journey to Quilt Market on Instagram. Check out all her prep work right here!

Here’s where it all started.

With plans to debut a few new patterns at Quilt Market, Sheri had no time to wait — the sample quilting began right away.

Last year, Sheri’s Modern Love was an exhibit at Quilt Market. This year, she’s there to sell the pattern!

Of course, for quilt designers, there’s more than just the quilting: Sheri also had to turn her new designs into printed patterns.

But don’t worry — there was plenty of quilting to do:

From the big-picture designs…

…to the tiniest of details.

Sheri had only three months to prepare her display, which meant she had some quick turnarounds on new projects.

Once all her patterns had been designed, tested, photographed and written, it was time to print and package lots of patterns.

Lots and lots and LOTS of patterns!

Sheri’s not the only maker in her family. Her husband Jason built a special display ladder to show off all her quilts in the booth. He’ll be in Houston to support her, too!

Along with her quilts and patterns, Sheri’s bringing buttons that feature her each of her designs — we’ll hoping to grab one of each!

All those goodies — from the quilts themselves to the displays and the patterns — wound up in a few big boxes that were shipped to the convention center ahead of time.

Even though everything had been sent off to Houston, Sheri still had one last quilt to finish up, with only a week to spare.

And the final task? Getting all the final details to fit in one suitcase.

Join us and Sheri at Quilt Market — no matter where you are!

The Bluprint quilting team is headed to Quilt Market to support Sheri and discover more new and exciting things in the quilting world. Join us on our Quilting Club Facebook page for the best and brightest at Quilt Market, including live interviews with your favorite quilters and plenty of quilted eye candy.

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