New FREE Guide! Conquer Classic Crochet Lace

Do you dream of beautiful lace? Expand your repertoire and explore the world of crochet lace with this free PDF guide! Instantly downloadable, Lovely Lacy Crochet: 4 Classic Lace Stitches to Master includes easy-to-follow photo tutorials you can reference anytime, anywhere. Written by four expert crocheters, this guide will teach you four elegant styles: broomstick lace, pineapple crochet lace, filet crochet and hairpin lace.

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Lace Crochet Preview

What makes guides so great?

  • FREE
  • Instantly downloadable
  • Printable
  • Reference anytime, anywhere, forever
  • Photo-filled
  • Written by experts
Pineapple crochet preview

What will my guide cover?

In 20+ pages of easy-to-follow photo tutorials you’ll learn:

  • Broomstick lace
  • Pineapple crochet lace
  • Filet crochet
  • Hairpin lace

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