8 Mommy-and-Me Crochet Pattern Sets for Take Your Child to Work Day

It has been more than 20 years since the first annual Take Our Daughters to Work Day. In fact, the day has been expanded to now include taking both sons and daughters to work. Are you taking a child to work with you this April 23rd? If so, why not let everyone know that your little one belongs to you by announcing with with a matching outfit?

Here are 8 of the best Mommy-and-Me crochet pattern sets to celebrate Take Your Child to Work Day.

mommy and me

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1. The Mommy and Me Beanie

mommy and me crochet hats

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Keep it simple and craft yourself and your little one a pair of matching beanie hats. They are unique enough to stand out and show the workplace that you’re there together but they’re also quick to make.

Get The Mommy and Me Beanie crochet pattern here.

2. Mommy and Me Ballet Slippers

crochet ballet slippers

Photo via Bluprint member PatternParadise

What little girl doesn’t love to play dress-up? These crochet ballet slippers adorned with buttons and bows are perfect. Not only will your little girl love them but you’ll find that the little girl inside you loves the “mommy” pair as well!

Get the Mommy and Me Ballet Slippers crochet pattern here.

3. Mommy and Me Crochet Shoes

crochet shoes

Photo via Bluprint member Croby Patterns

Perhaps ballet slippers aren’t quite your style. You can still wear matching crochet shoes with your little one – whether the baby is a boy or a girl. This buttoned crochet slipper pattern has sophisticated style and would work well in a variety of office settings.

Get the Mommy edition of the crochet shoes pattern here. Get the Baby edition of the crochet shoes pattern here.

4. Mommy and Me Crochet Purses

crochet purse pattern

Photo via Bluprint member laurimuks

Little girls also love to carry purses. As you each get ready for work you can pack your lipstick/ chapstick, pens and other work essentials into your matching Mommy and Me flower purses for the day.

Get the Mommy and Me crochet purse pattern here.

5. Mommy and Me Crochet Rose Purses

crochet rose purses

Photo via Bluprint member Lori Thompson Design

If you like the idea of a matching Mommy-and-me purse set but the previous pattern wasn’t for you then perhaps this one will be more in line with your style. It’s a rose square motif based pattern that looks great in pink but would work in a  variety of other colors as well.

Get the Mommy and Me crochet rose purse pattern here.

6. Mommy and Me Aprons

mother daughter aprons

Photo via Bluprint member Robin Abdullah

If you were paying attention to the recent runway shows then you know that apron skirts are a current fashion trend. If you want to try to pull it off and your daughter is game to try it with you then this matching apron set could work for you. It would also be suitable for Take Your Daughter to Work Day if you work in a restaurant, bakery or other food establishment.

Get the Mommy and Me aprons pattern here.

7. Mommy and Me Crochet Clothing

mommy and me crochet patterns

Photo via Bluprint member ChezPlum

Crochet accessories like shoes and purses are a great way to make a matching mommy-and-me look. However, you can get more stylish and go for a bigger accessory or garment. This crochet pattern pack from ChezPlum has five different matching mommy-and-me patterns including two tops, a cardigan, a jacket and a capelet. Both of you will look perfect for your shared day at work!

Get the Mommy and Me crochet garment patterns here.

8. Mommy and Joey Kangaroos

mommy and joey

Photo via Bluprint member crochetingmom

Maybe your workplace situation doesn’t allow you to dress up differently. Or perhaps you don’t have the opportunity to take your daughter to work with you this year. You can still celebrate being together with this Mommy and Joey kangaroo crochet set. You can keep the Mommy on your desk and give baby to your little girl to carry with her. Alternatively, let your daughter keep Mommy to remind her of you and keep the matching joey for yourself.

Get the Mommy and Joey Kangaroo crochet pattern here.

Did you ever attend Take Your Daughter to Work Day? Share your memories in the comments!

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