Scarves With a Twist: 10 Moebius Scarf & Cowl Patterns

Moebius Scarf Patterns

Put a little twist in your usual accessory with these moebius scarf patterns.

Getting bored knitting the same shape over and over again? Whether you’re a beginner or a knitter who’s craving a simple project, there’s an easy way to upgrade a basic scarf: a moebius scarf pattern!

There are two different ways to knit a moebius scarf (which has a twist instead of laying flat). You can knit the scarf flat, then twist it and seam it. The other option is to use a moebius cast-on so that you can work in the round and still achieve that cool twist.

Try out both options with these moebius scarf patterns from our Bluprint designers. The best part? Most of them are free!

Rasta Holiday FREE Cowl Knitting Pattern

Photo via dianelaugustin

1. Rasta Holiday

This cowl was made with the gorgeous Malabrigo Rasta yarn. If you’ve never worked with it before, the super-soft yarn is hand-dyed, so the variation in the colors creates beautiful, unexpected gradients. The pattern includes instructions for both a moebius cowl and a moebius infinity scarf.

English Ribbing Moebius Cowl

Photo via tricosemcostura

2. English Ribbing Cowl

The length of this cowl is super easy to alter. You can knit it shorter for a close-fitting cowl or knit it longer for a moebius scarf. Either way, the pattern is knit flat and then seamed, so getting that moebius twist couldn’t be easier.

Moebius Cowl with an I-cord< p>Photo via tricosemcostura

3. Moebius Cowl with an I-cord

This pattern uses the moebius cast-on, so it’s practice for working in the round as well as perfecting your moebius technique. The pattern calls for a fingering-weight yarn, giving the cowl a lot of drape and movement.

Ruffles with a Twist FREE Knitting Pattern

Photo via Venus2blue

4. Ruffles With a Twist

Moebius twists aren’t just for thick cowls and scarves. Here, a moebius twist lends a cool design to a sport-weight scarf that has a lot of drape. The designer says that the pattern is simple enough to finish in just one weekend, so consider it for one of your instant-gratification projects!

Double Striped Moebius Knitting Pattern

Photo via mimi kezer

5. Double Striped Moebius

Challenge yourself by combining both a moebius and beautiful colorwork. You’ll need both a main color and a contrasting color. The designer suggests using colors with very obvious contrasts to really help the color work stand out on the edges.

Checkers Moebius Cowl Knitting Pattern

Photo via Cooperative Press

6. Checkers Moebius Cowl

This pattern includes instructions for a moebius cast-on, so it’s perfect for moebius newbies. The checkers pattern offers beautiful texture without much complication; the stitch is made up of basic knits and purls.

Soft Cables Moebius Infinity Scarf and Wrap

Photo via JackieES

7. Soft Cables Moebius Infinity Scarf/Wrap

This pattern can be an infinity scarf or a wrap — it’s up to you. You’ll knit the piece flat, then join it by either using a three-needle bind off or a seam. You can use almost any yarn in your stash to make this, since gauges are provided for three different weights.

Lacy Moebius Scarf Pattern Knitting Project

Photo via Cat Bordhi

8. Lacy Moebius Cowl

The moebius cast-on can be paired with any yarn weight, and the weight you use will determine the drape of your moebius scarf. This scarf, for example, uses a worsted-weight yarn that has a lovely drape. The pattern is exclusive to Bluprint members enrolled in Cat Bordhi’s Moebius Knitting class. The class will walk you through the fundamentals of moebius knitting and guide you through several different projects including scarves, felted baskets and of course this cowl.

Cowl Moebius Knitting Pattern

Photo via OasiDellaMaglia

9. Cowl Moebius

You’ll want to use a yarn with a nice drape for this cozy cowl. The yarn used here has a bit of alpaca in it, giving it not only a beautiful drape but also a soft feel. The pattern uses a lot of basic increases and decreases, so be sure you’re familiar with those before you get started.

Infinite Wave Cowl Knitting Pattern

Photo via madgeface

10. Infinite Wave Cowl

This pattern has two options: one for a moebius twist and another for a cowl without a twist. No matter which you choose, you will need to know how to do a provisional cast-on and graft the two ends together using kitchener stitch. Check out tutorials for kitchener stitch and provisional cast-on, if you’re not familiar with those techniques.

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