Meet Pattern Designer Fuzzy Mitten, Creator of Wonderful Knit Toys

Create knit toys with patterns from Fuzzy Mitten

Over at the Bluprint Pattern Marketplace, there are patterns to make pretty things, elegant things, comfy things, cute things, and fun things. One Bluprint designer who is combining the cute and fun is Fuzzy Mitten. Based in Montreal, she designs, knits, and writes patterns for the most adorable toys, which she calls “stuffies.” We had a chance to chat with Fuzzy Mitten, and were eager to ask her about her inspirations, experiences, and more. Check out what she had to say below, and then go check out those fantastic Fuzzy Mitten patterns!

Fuzzy Mitten on where she gets her ideas:
My inspiration comes from many different sources. Sometimes it’s a new yarn that just needs to be made into a particular animal. Sometimes it’s the desire to try something a little challenging – like trying to make a cute rhinoceros! Often my ideas come from friends or customers, although I will probably never get through the list of creatures people would like me to design.

We wondered if most people made her stuffies for themselves, or for gifts:
I think most of my customers knit the toys as gifts for children or grandchildren, and often for grown-up friends and family. I also encourage customers to knit the toys to sell, because that’s how I started out. I know many people also knit and sell the toys to raise money for charities.

We were curious to know how she learned about Bluprint and its community:
I found out about Bluprint from a number of craft blogs I read. They said it was a site with lots of potential!  I’m really enjoying the community of crafters there, and people seem very interested in my patterns. I hope to find the time to make a class some day. There’s so much more to making knitted toys than just the knitting.

Lastly, we gave her a chance to tell us where we can keep up with all things Fuzzy Mitten:
If people want to find out more about my designing process, recent news, or helpful tutorials, they can check out my blog, Fuzzy Thoughts (

Check out Fuzzy Mitten and all her great knitting patterns at the Bluprint Pattern Marketplace.

Here are some projects that have brought her patterns to life:

Well-Dressed Bunny Pattern
Siamese Kitty Pattern
[one_third_last]Pookies Pattern[/one_third_last]


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