Simple Lace Knitting Patterns for Beginners

Deciding to try to knit lace is a big step when are you just beginning knitting. All those yarn overs, charts and other lace-knitting elements make beginner lace knitting overwhelming at first. Lucky for you, we’re here to help!

The first time I ever tried lace knitting, I chose a shawl for my project. It wasn’t just any shawl. It was a large shawl that had insane eyelet panels and yarn overs and all kinds of other things. Thankfully, I made it through the project and now follow charts and knit lace just fine. But if I had it to do over, I would definitely begin lace knitting with something a little smaller.

Be brave, beginner lace knitters! Lace knitting is totally doable if you have the right tools — and the right pattern. (Patience doesn’t hurt, either.)

Start with a few of Bluprint’s best lace knitting patterns for beginners and you’ll be a lace-knitting pro in no time.

Lace knitted scarf - Ocean ScarfMiss Babs Wild Silk Ocean Scarf

Students of Eunny Jang’s Lace Knitting: Basics and Beyond are knitting up this gorgeous silk scarf right now. The pattern is included when you enroll in Eunny’s class, and you can even buy the kit that comes with the same yarn that Eunny used.

Read more about the scarf here.
Lace knit fingerless gloves

Photo via Melissa Burke

Isabel Fingerless Gloves

This pattern is perfect for beginners because you only have to knit the center of the glove in lace. The rest is just basic stockinette stitch! And because the gloves are a smaller project, you’ll be much less likely to make a mistake or get frustrated. And even if you do make a mistake, who cares?

Lace knitted scarflette

Lorna’s Laces Shepherd Worsted Arrow Scarflette

Start small with your lace knitting and you won’t feel so overwhelmed. Another project included in the Lace Knitting: Basics and Beyond class, this scarflette is a great option for beginners. The scarflette is small, and it’s knit using a worsted weight yarn so that the project will be worked up in no time. And because you’re knitting it in a Bluprint class, instructor Eunny Jang will be there to help you through the entire pattern, even answering questions you might have about the pattern.

Mistral lace scarf

Photo via Pollykgee

Mistral Lace Scarf

This pattern repeats over and over, giving you plenty of chances to practice and perfect the stitches that make up the trailing vine. The scarf is versatile, too. Knit it up in a cotton for a pretty beach head scarf, or go for a fiber like alpaca for a winter scarf that’s a little warmer.

Have you braved lace knitting yet? What did you make?

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