You Can Now Binge-Watch Knitting on Netflix!

Forget Downton Abbey and Sherlock: There’s a new show to binge watch while you stitch, and it’s all about knitting. It’s like having your own personal knitting club right in your living room — but you can wear your pajamas the whole time. 

Watching TV + Knitting

Now on Netflix, you can watch non-stop knitting. It’s part of a Norwegian series called Slow TV, which shows hours on end of ordinary events like a full day of salmon fishing or a seven-hour train ride across the country.

Sound boring? Norwegians didn’t think so! Over a third of the country tuned in to these shows. We have a hunch the series will be just as popular around the world, including one episode that piqued our interest: National Knitting Evening.


Most Slow TV programs don’t have a plot, but National Knitting Evening does: A group of knitters attempt to break the world record for fastest sweater ever produced, from shearing and spinning to binding off.

After checking out the show, we get why Norwegians love it so much. You’ll see impressive designs, meet artisan knitters and learn lots about the history of the craft. Plus, the bouncy music and Norwegian dialogue are the perfect background noise for a night of stitching.

While National Knitting Evening probably isn’t as riveting as some of your other favorite shows, it’s calming and entertaining to watch — the perfect companion for a cozy night with your needles!

What do you think of Slow TV? Will you tune in? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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