To Market We Go: Knitted Bags for the Farmers Market

I get really excited when farmers market season is here, but I’m not always excited about transporting my goodies back home. Depending on your mode of transportation — whether it’s walking, taking the bus, or driving — we all have issues keeping our produce from rolling out onto the street or breaking through our bag. After trying several different options, I’ve found that a knitted bag solves all my produce problems!

Not only are knitted market bags durable, they’re also great for the environment. They’re easy to wash, and the straps are always comfy enough for a prolonged market trip.

Ready to make your trip to the farmers market easier? Bluprint designers are here to help you out this season with some of the sturdiest and prettiest knitted market bags around.

Knitted Eastern market tote

Photo via Bluprint member CascadeYarns

Eastern market tote

Basic lace skills and few skeins of yarn are all you need to knit up this beautiful market bag. I like it so much, I want to use it as my everyday tote too! Knit it up in a darker color if you don’t want dirt and other stains to be too obvious.

Get the Eastern market tote pattern here.
Knitted market bag

Photo via Bluprint member AllysonD 

Work + Shelter market bag

Nothing will escape the bottom of this market bag! Designer AllysonD holds two strands of cotton together to give the bottom of this bag the ultimate sturdiness. A fun lace pattern gives the rest of the bag flexibility to fit many types of market produce. And it gets better: By purchasing this pattern, you’re contributing to the WORK + SHELTER foundation that creates safe spaces for women in India to live and work.

Get the Work + Shelter market bag pattern here.
BYOB knitted market bag

Photo via Bluprint member Wyndlestraw Dsn

BYOB market bag

BYOB — bring your own bag — takes on new meaning with this bright yellow bag. Advanced knitters will fly through this simple pattern. For beginners, there’s a series of knit-along blog posts that go along with the pattern so that you’ll be able to work through any issues you have with it.

Get the BYOB market bag pattern here.
Knitted produce storage bag

Photo via Bluprint member Lori_R

Onion storage bags

These bags come in handy after your market trip, but you could use them at the market too. Knitted top-down and in-the-round, these little bags are perfect for separating produce when storing it. I’d be tempted to keep these out on display in the kitchen since they’re so colorful!

Get the onion storage bags pattern here.
Knitted jute cotton market bag

Photo via Bluprint member Uma Padu

Jute cotton market bag

Talk about sturdy! Any market bag made from jute cotton is going to hold up for countless shopping trips. You’ll quickly catch on to the 4-row lace pattern, and you won’t believe how quickly the bag knits up thanks to all those yarn overs.

Get the jute cotton market bag pattern here.
Knitted farmer's market bag

Photo via Bluprint member Grace Akhrem

Farmers market bag

Get colorful when you use two of your favorite coordinating shades of yarn to make this handy bag. This unassuming bag looks like your regular tote. What makes it different? All those yarn overs make sure your bag can handle any size market goodies.

Get the farmers market bag pattern here.

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Many of these farmers market bags feature lace knitting to help the bag become more flexible. If you’re feeling a little iffy about your lace knitting skills, check out Lace Knitting: Basics and Beyond with Eunny Jang. You’ll not only learn the skills you need for these bags, but you’ll also knit up some of Eunny’s gorgeous lace patterns.


What do you use to transport your farmers market goodies?

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