Find Inspiration From Gorgeous Gardens Around the World

One of my favorite things to do is visit gardens when I travel. Whether it’s the Brooklyn Botanic Gardens, a culinary garden in Sweden or a greenhouse in Buenos Aires, I always take home inspiration for my own garden. Plus, it’s just such a relaxing activity when you are on the road. Join me for a little armchair journey around the world to some of my favorite gardens.

greenhouse sweden

A Greenhouse in Sweden

This little greenhouse is located in a beautiful public garden space, Rosendals Tradgard, which is located on the island of Djurg√•rden in Stockholm. The garden includes several large greenhouses and many gardens, where they grow food and herbs for their restaurant and market shop. This wee greenhouse is one of my favorites. Filled with a wall of sweet peas and morning glory, it also houses a little potbelly stove. How cozy is that? This greenhouse would be so fun for garden parties and dinners, even in the winter — just light up the stove!

garden crete

A Secret Garden in Crete

One summer in Crete, I discovered this secret garden in a church courtyard. I love this overflowing balcony. The planters aren’t fancy but the plants are healthy and lush. They massed geraniums together in a corner and added rosemary, lavender, roses, jasmine, and honeysuckle! The archway around the door is such a clever idea. This garden proves you can make any space green and lush, no matter the size!

Planter Boxes at Brooklyn Botanic Garden

Planter Boxes at Brooklyn Botanic Garden

How clever are these planters and arbors at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden? Inside the fence is a potager with veggies and herbs. What a great use of space to combine a fence with planter boxes. It’s such a smart way to maximize the space and offer yourself more room to grow. This garden has a lovely, formal feel to it as well. This would be stunning not only for a backyard vegetable garden but for a formal front yard!

Balcony Garden in Budapest

A Balcony in Budapest

Even a balcony or window box can be inspiring. This one in Budapest teaches us that ground covers and climbers can be used on balconies too! Consider adding a trellis or espalier to a patio or balcony garden to add height and interest. You could also plant wooly thyme, creeping phlox or other ground covers to cascade from a basket or planter or to climb around stones or architecture. Think about adding different shades of green in addition to blooming florals for spring and summer.

Cactus Greenhouse in Buenos Aires

Cactus Greenhouse in Buenos Aires

This Victorian greenhouse in Buenos Aires, Argentina, offers amazing inspiration! Consider devoting a section of your indoor or outdoor garden to cacti and succulents. The maintenance is minimal but the impact is big! The fact that all the pots are terra cotta makes this display visually intriguing with the combination of the Victorian architecture of the greenhouse.

Have you picked up any inspirations for your own garden through traveling? Can you recommend a garden in your own city or from your travels that our readers should see?

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