6 Reasons to Try In the Hoop Embroidery Projects

If you have never tried an in the hoop embroidery (ITH) project, let this be the year! ITH designs are a unique way to create a product finished most entirely in the hoop. All you have to do is follow the instructions.

In the Hoop Cat Zipper Case

Photo via EmbGarden

At worst, a few hand stitches are necessary to finish a seam where the project is turned right-side out.

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Here are 6 reasons you should try in-the-hoop embroidery projects:

in the hoop placement stitching

Photos via Debbie Henry

1.  Placement stitches create a project road map

Much like appliqué, ITH embroidery designs are digitized with placement stitches. They tell you exactly where to place fabric, batting, zippers and straps.

in the hoop zipper

2.  The easiest zipper you will EVER sew

Just the thought of having to add a zipper to a project can strike fear in even the most seasoned sewing and embroidery enthusiasts. ITH zippers are nearly effortless. Honest.

ITH quilting and satin stitching

3.  Even the quilting is done for you

Lay down a layer of batting, cover it with fabric and watch beautiful beautiful quilting evolve right before your eyes. No pinning, puckers or lumps. Professional results guaranteed.

ITH project right side out

4.  Finished seams means no binding

While still hooped, seams are enclosed as part of the design sequence, making manually sewing seams or having to bind edges obsolete.

in the hoop lining

5.  Lining is added automatically

Perhaps second to sewing a zipper, attaching lining to a project and having it look nice is a major headache. With ITH designs, the lining is brilliantly incorporated into the project. Layers of outer fabrics, batting and lining fabrics are sequenced in just the right order so that, when you are done, you can turn it right-side out and everything is where it belongs.

in the hoop owl eyes

6.  Embroidery accents complete the “WOW” factor

Machine embroidery provides just the right finish to ITH projects. Match thread colors to the fabrics, and you have a beautifully finished piece that will have family and friends asking, “You MADE that?”

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