Print It, Cut It, Stick It! Making Sticker Labels That Are Uniquely Yours

Sticker labels are a must-have for keeping things organized but did you know that customized DIY sticker labels are really easy to make? In this paper crafts tutorial, I will show you how to make sticker labels that are personalized to you by using the print-and-cut feature of the Silhouette Cameo. If you have a different brand of electronic die-cutter that also comes with a print-and-cut feature, you can apply the same concept to make your own sticker labels.

Title Image: How to Make Sticker Labels on Bluprint

How to make sticker labels


  • Sticker paper (or adhesive-backed paper)
  • Digital graphics (I am using the Ice Princess graphic by Lettering Delights)
  • Silhouette Cameo with the Silhouette Studio software


Step 1:

Draw four circles in the following sizes:  5.25”, 7”, 7.5”, 8”.

Align each circle using “Center to Page.”

Step 2:

Type “PROPERTY OF” with the Arial font at font size 36pt.

Type “Princess (name)” and set its dimension to about 5.75” wide and 1” tall.

Color-fill all the words with black and set the line color to transparent.

Step 3:

Drag the “PROPERTY OF” text over to the 5.25” circle so that it curves around the top.

Position the “Princess (name)” below the “PROPERTY OF” text.

Screenshot of the Silhouette Studio program

Step 4:

Import the princess graphic into the program, and set the size to 8.255” x 5”.

Position the graphic under the “Princess (name).”

Step 5:

Make a copy of the 8” circle but do not paste the copy.

Step 6:

With both the 8” circle and the princess graphic selected, use Object>Modify>Crop to delete away the portion of the graphic that is outside the label.

Screenshot of the Silhouette Studio program

Step 7:

Right-click and select “Paste to Front” to return the copied 8” circle back to the virtual mat.

Step 8:

Color-fill the 7.5” circle with dark gray, set line color to transparent, and “Send to Back”.

Color-fill the 8” circle with light gray, set the line color to transparent, and “Send to Back”.

Step 9:

Change the line style of the 7” circle from solid to dashed, increase the line thickness to 1.5pt, and change the line color to white.

Set the line color of the 5.25” circle to transparent.

Select all and set the Cut Style to “No Cut.”

Group all the layers together.

Screenshot of the Silhouette Studio program

Step 10:

Reduce the size of the grouped image to 2” and set the Cut Style to “Cut Edge.”

Step 11:

At this point the label is finished and is ready for print-and-cut.

Set the paper size according to the size of the adhesive-backed paper that you are using and turn on the registration marks.

Duplicate the labels so that they fill the page inside the “No-Cut” zone.

Screenshot of the sticker labels in Silhouette Studio

Step 12:

Proceed to print the labels to your printer, then cut with your electronic machine using the appropriate cut settings for sticker paper.

Printed sticker paper is loaded into the Silhouette Cameo machine.

By using different graphics or words, you can easily modify these DIY sticker labels for different applications. I often make gift labels and book plates.

"Property of" sticker label
"This belongs to" sticker label
"Homemade with love" sticker label

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