Spruce Up Any Space With Festive Paper Chandeliers: Free Template & Tutorial

These bright and pretty paper chandeliers are a fun way to update a space at home for a party or for any day you want to add a fun splash of color to your decor. Each chandelier takes just a couple pieces of scrapbook paper and glue to turn a room from bland to beautiful!

I love how these look when several are grouped together and hung at various heights. They resemble a bright burst of confetti designed for the wall. The chandeliers look just as pretty on their own as well. I snuck one into the small corner where I have my reading chair at home and it has been brightening up my space daily.

Bright Paper Chandeliers


Paper Chandeliers

One of my favorite things about making these simple paper chandeliers is how easily you can transform them to suit any style you have going on at home. While my favorite bright and festive colors work perfectly for DIY party decor, paper chandeliers done in various shades of blacks and grays will look absolutely modern. Or, for a more crafty, vintage-inspired take, use patterned paper to give the paper chandeliers a bit of texture and charm — just be sure any print you use is double-sided to ensure the chandeliers will look great from any angle.

Pink Paper Chandelier

How to make paper chandeliers

Supplies you will need:

Bright Paper Chandelier printable template

Step 1:

Print out the template and cut it out. The template makes 1/4 of each chandelier.

Step 2:

Once the template is printed out, trace it on each piece of scrapbook paper and cut to form.
Colorful Paper Chandeliers

Step 3:

Begin gluing the papers together, by combining the two opposite side first. Run a length of fishing wire along the glue line to secure the hanging device. Then connect the third side and finally the fourth side.

DIY Paper Chandeliers

That’s all it takes to create a gorgeous hanging light display to brighten up your dinning space for spring. They’d be a fabulous addition to any shower or birthday party. The chandeliers would even make really special wedding decor when made in mass – just invite the bridesmaids over for a night of paper crafting fun! I’d even love to see a set in graphic colors hanging over a crib to welcome a sweet baby to the bright light of the world. With our simple paper template options are truly endless. Get cutting!

What color chandeliers will you be making this year?

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