Make An Amazing Copper Wire Heart

Designing and making handmade jewelry is a lot of fun!¬†Find out how to create a fashionable heart to accessories your outfit this Valentine’s Day, with this step-by-step tutorial on how to make a wire heart.

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Copper Wire Heart Jewelry - Tutorial on Bluprint

Learn how to make a wire heart with this jewelry making tutorial!


  • Wire (1mm in diameter)
  • Pliers with a round nose
  • Pliers with a curved tip
  • Nippers

Shaping Wire for Copper Wire Heart

Step 1:

Bend the wire a bit round with the help of the pliers.

Adding Bend in Wire for Heart

Step 2:

Hold the caliper with the round side where you decide to have the tip of the heart (that depends on the size of the pendant you have in mind).

Adding V in Wire

Step 3:

Tighten the curved tip with the pliers from the point where the wire was bent.

Carefully Bending Wire with Pliers

Step 4:

Open the wire from the bent side with the help of pliers carefully — make sure not to leave any uneven wire. Use your fingers to make a well rounded shape.

Shaping Heart Curves with Pliers

Step 5:

Round hold the wire and bend rounded fingers with the help of the widest part of the pliers.

Copper Wire with Curve of Heart

Step 6:

Make sure the semicircle is smaller than the one on the other side.

Wire with Two Heart Curves

Step 7:

Use the pliers to tighten the curve peaks on the bend point on the wire.

Carefully Rounding Wire

Step 8:

Open the wire and repeat the rounding step again with the pliers rounding the wire with both hands in line with the heart.

Bending Wire Around Pliers

Step 9:

Hold the tip with nose-shaped pliers and bend it around.

Folding the Wire with Pliers

Step 10:

Fold the wire well with pliers with a pointy end.

Step 11:

Repeat Step 7.

Step 12:

Repeat Step 5.

Using Pliers and Hands to Twist Wire

Step 13:

Hold on to the joining point with the pliers and twist the wire a bit.

Tightening the Clamp with the Pliers

Step 14:

Tighten the clamp with round tip pliers.

Detaching Excess Wire

Step 15:

Bend the wire again around for the last time and cut the wire. This will detach excess wire from the shape.

Finished Copper Wire Heart - On Bluprint

Step 16:

Use the excess end of the wire to make a loop around the round-shaped tip of the heart.

Step 17:

Cut off excess wire. Attach to a chain if you’d like to make a necklace.

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