Say Goodbye to Messy Beds! Sew a Simple Bedskirt That Stays Still

A bedskirt dresses a bed and makes it feel finished. Unfortunately, I get frustrated when I put it on because it shifts when I lower the heavy mattress onto it. I came up with an easy bedskirt tutorial for adding skirts to a fitted sheet so it will stay in place! It does require a lot of fabric, but it’s actually a pretty simple DIY project and only requires sewing straight lines.

diy bedskirt styles

Photos via Feathers Flights

My kids recently moved into the same room, so I’m decorating their shared room. I made a crib skirt for my daughter a couple of months ago and finally got around to making one for my son. He’s been sleeping in a twin bed for almost a year, but I hadn’t purchased or made anything for it. Besides this bedskirt not moving, I love that there’s no peaking mattress at the corners!



  • Sewing supplies (measuring tools, cutting tools, sewing machine and needles, matching thread, etc.) 
  • 2-10 yards of fabric, depending on the mattress size
  • 1/4″ elastic, 2-8 yards


  1. Measure the length, width and height of your mattress. Add the seam allowance as indicated in the image below. If you want gathered bedskirts, double the length.bedskirt measurements

Illustrations via Feathers Flights

  1. Hem one long side and two short sides of each bedskirt panel by folding them up twice at 1/2″ for a total of 1″. Press flat. Fold over and iron the unhemmed edge 1/2″.
  2. Sew the three skirts onto the sheet between the cut out corners making sure the unhemmed edge is tucked under. Sew along about 1/4″ from the folded edge.bedskirt sew on sheet tutorial
  3. Sew each corner by bringing the cut edges of the square together and sewing at 1/2″. This turns the sheet into a box. Do not catch any part of the skirt in the seam. Finish the edges.sewing sheet corners
  4. Fold edges of the sheet over twice at 1/2″ and sew leaving a 6″ opening to insert elastic.
  5. Cut 1/4″ elastic 25% shorter than the outside edge measurement of the mattress.
  6. Insert elastic into the casing. Overlap elastic ends 1/2″ and sew a box.
  7. Close opening.
  8. Put it on your box spring mattress and enjoy your hard work.
finished bedskirts

Alternatively, you could buy a matching bedskirt and fitted sheet and sew them together for an even easier project!

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One Response to “Say Goodbye to Messy Beds! Sew a Simple Bedskirt That Stays Still”
  1. Jamie

    You should be embarrassed to even post this as informational. Both pictures show wrinkled messy bedskirts. It offers a cheap You Tube type how to. I use Craftsy so I don’t have to rummage through so much information overload and go directly to a concise source. How low your standards have dropped. I have always raved and recommended this site, but right now- the jury is still out.