Form & Function: Learn How to Draw the Human Body With a FREE eGuide!

Have you mastered the essential art of figure drawing? Rendering the human form has inspired art for literally thousands of years. And learning how to draw the human body’s stunningly complex and beautiful form and function is truly a skill worth mastering.

How to Draw the Human Body: FREE eGuide from Craftsy

Drawing the Human Body: A Primer

Curated tutorials from leading professionals will guide you in how to draw human anatomy with detail and accuracy like you never thought possible. Plus, this simple, downloadable, printable PDF Guide is yours forever, so as you keep practicing, you can reference it time and time again.

What will I learn?

This guide is chock-full of expert tutorials, covering:

  • How to draw tricky features, including hands and feet
  • Mastering proportions to draw realistic figures
  • Tips for working with a model in life drawing sessions

Captivate and compel your viewer with lifelike human figures.

**Hint: Don’t miss the secret offer — when you download the guide, you’ll unlock a special discount for your next Craftsy drawing class!

What do you find most difficult about figure drawing?

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  1. A

    There is no guide. Because “content is still being added” and “we apologize for the wait” but we lured you here, so whoo hoo! And now you’re going to click off angry and never come back. Because it’s best practices NOT to advertise for (a lot) of content you don’t actually have. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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  2. Patricia

    My problem is the same as Karen P. There is no download, I get bumped back to Craftsy opening scree, This Craftsy is so buggy. Not at all like the old Craftsy and definitely way poorer than Bluprint.

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      Customer Service

      Hello Patricia,

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