How to Display Your Fabric Stash

Most quilters and sewists deeply love their fabric stashes. Whether you own enough fabric to start your own quilt shop or just a small pile of your precious favorites, collecting quilting fabric is fun! Quite a bit of time and a whole lot of money can be spent on the acquisition of these beautiful works of art. Once the fabric is in your home, what do you do with it? If you are not sewing with it immediately, it needs to be stored. Careful storage is a necessity!

Bolts of Various Fabric Types

Photo via Amanda Hall

An organized fabric stash is a must. The key is to be inspired by your fabric stash, not hindered by it. Messy piles of fabric can put a damper on creativity. Many collectors find enjoyment and inspiration by seeing their fabrics regularly. They become decorative items that can be appreciated before they are even used!

So pull out that fabric and start organizing! Here are a few tips for displaying your fabric stash:

1. Bookshelves of all shapes and sizes can be used to show off and organize fabric.

Both open shelves and cubbies can be easily filled with folded stacks. Choose a large piece of furniture to house a larger stash, or store a smaller collection in CD shelves and racks. The key to tidy stacks of fabric is folding. Learn how to fold fabric in a uniform way with these helpful video tutorials from Jeni Baker of In Color Order.

2. Wall shelves can be a less expensive solution that occupies less space.

Hang a few over a desk, dresser or work space to add instant fabric storage. Do you collect pre-cut fabrics? Gather them together and store them here!

Shelves of Sorted Fabric - How to Display Your Fabric Stash

Photo via Angela Pingel

3. Mini bolts allow for vertical storage rather than typical stacking.

Fabric of varying sizes are wrapped around these mini bolts and stood up together on shelves just like books. This makes it easy to pull out fabrics without disturbing the rest. It also creates clean lines and uniformity. Mini bolts can be purchased, or make them yourself! Comic book boards are a commonly used for just this thing, and they can be purchased at comic book stores or online. See the fabric folding tutorial by Angela of Cut to Pieces for more information.

4. Bins, baskets and totes are a quick and easy way to store fabric.

They can be tucked away in closets or under beds, but try to think out of the box! Try to use wire baskets or clear totes so that the fabrics can be seen and enjoyed. The more you see your nicely displayed fabric stash, the more likely you are to use them.

Plastic Drawers of Various Fabrics

Photo via Michelle @ I Like Orange Too

Always use care when using open displays. Protect your fabric by keeping these three tips in mind:

  • Choose a location that does not receive direct sunlight, which causes fading.
  • Avoid areas with lingering smells, like the kitchen. Certain smells, like fried foods, can permeate fabric and stick around longer than you’d think.
  • Animals are smart — they love fabric too! If you sew for others (gifts and retail items), store fabric in a place away from your beloved pets.

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How about you? What is your favorite way to store and display your fabric?

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