Put Clutter in Its Place With This Crochet Basket

crochet basket

Using your yarn to make something that can hold more yarn? Alllll the yes. Of course, these crochet baskets are super versatile, so feel free to think beyond yarn storage, too.

This basket is a bit of a choose-your-own-adventure experience. The pattern calls for super bulky-weight yarn, but really, anything goes. You can hold together multiple strands for a scrappy version, add stripes, go ombré: this basket is your oyster.

The pattern will also show you how and when you can adjust the size.

Crochet Basket Pattern

Level: Easy

Size: Varies

What You Need

  • 8 mm crochet hook
  • Super bulky-weight yarn (the size of your basket will determine how much yarn you need)
  • Pro Tip: Remember: you can use any hook and yarn combination, and can make your basket as small or as large as you want. This is only a guide.


  • Ch – Chain
  • Hdc – Half-double crochet
  • Dc – Double crochet
  • Sc – Single crochet
  • Sl st – Slip stitch
  • St(s) – Stitch(es)
  • {} – Total number of stitches in that round
  • Special Stitches

    Scallop: Skip the next 2 sts, make 6 dc in the next st, skip the next 2 sts, sl st in the next st.

    Pattern Notes

    This pattern is worked in a spiral. Mark the start of each round with a running stitch marker. To make a running stitch marker, place a piece of scrap yarn over your work before making the first stitch of the second round. Flick this piece of yarn backward and forward before making the first stitch of each subsequent round. When you’re done, simply pull this piece of scrap yarn out.


    Crochet the Basket Base

    Round 1: Into a magic ring, ch 1, 9 hdc. {9}

    Round 2: Make 2 hdc in each st around. {18}

    Round 3: (Make 2 hdc in the next st, hdc in the next st) 9 times. {27}

    Round 4: (Make 2 hdc in the next st, hdc in the next 2 st) 9 times. {36}

    Round 5: (Make 2 hdc in the next st, hdc in the next 3 st) 9 times. {45}

    Round 6: (Make 2 hdc in the next st, hdc in the next 4 st) 9 times. {54}

    starting crochet basket

    Pro Tip: If your base starts to buckle, make double crochet stitches for a few rounds until it lies flat again, keeping to the same 9 increases per round. If your base starts to look like a bowl, make single crochet stitches for a few rounds until it lies flat again, keeping to the same 9 increases per round.

    Make the Sides

    Round 1: Hdc in each st around. {54}

    Rounds 2 – 7: Repeat Side Round 1. {54}

    Round 8 (or Last Side Round):

    last round crochet basket

    Hdc in the first 52 st, sc in the next st, sl st in the last st. {54}

    Crochet the Scallops

    crochet scallop

    (Make a scallop stitch* across the next 6 st) 9 times, fasten off and work away ends. {9 scallops}

    *Refer to scallops stitch pattern at the start of this pattern.


    crochet basket

    Adjust the Base

    If you want to make the base of your basket larger, here’s how:

  • Each round has one more hdc between increases than the previous one. You can keep going with this pattern repeat, adding another hdc between the increases, until your base is as large as you want it to be.
  • If you want to add a scallop edging, you will need to make an even number of rounds so that you end up with a multiple of 6 stitches.
  • Adjust the Sides

    folded down scallop sides

    If you want to make your basket deeper or more shallow, simply alter the number of rounds you make for the sides. Another option is to make a nice, deep basket, but turn the edge down as pictured to create a more shallow basket with a cute cuff effect.

    Endless Edgings

    Scallops aren’t for everyone. Try out some different crochet edgings to give your basket a totally different vibe.

    Share tips, start a discussion or ask one of our experts or other students a question.

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