Spoil Your Garden Rotten With Homemade Compost

Want to live more sustainably, make nutrient-rich soil for your garden, or simply marvel at the mysteries of microbiology? Start composting! Turning waste into garden treasure is easy, and so satisfying you’ll be hooked from the start!

This fun infographic has everything you need to know about compost, from making it to using it!

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How to Compost infographic
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One Response to “Spoil Your Garden Rotten With Homemade Compost”
  1. Gioia Goss
    Gioia Goss

    I’ve been composting some for a few years, but I have been using a double spinning compost bin. Supposed to fill up one side, use it, while filling up the second side. I haven’t been able to use any thing yet. It’s always soaking wet! Every rain, the bins get wet. No chance to dry out to use. Any ideas? Thanks so much! It’s been a problem for a while.