11 FREE Scrap-Friendly Wallet Sewing Patterns

I feel like I’m constantly digging through my bag, trying to find a rewards card or even a dollar bill. If your current wallet (like mine) just isn’t cutting it, maybe your next sewing project should be a wallet!

Mini Scrap Wallet FREE Sewing Pattern

Photo via The Sewing Loft

1. Mini Scrap Wallet

You won’t toss even your smallest scraps after you see this wallet. Combine prints with solids, or just create a nice color palette. The designer suggests whipping up a few of these and hanging onto them for last-minute gifts.

Big Bow Zipper Wallet FREE Sewing Pattern

Photo via MichaelAnnMade

2. Big Bow Zipper Wallet

This wallet is too pretty to hide in your bag! Carry it as a wallet or just use it as a little clutch so everyone can admire your sewing skills. The trim options are endless, so you can choose any style you’d like whether it’s classy, sparkly or minimal.

Fold and Stitch Wallet Pattern from Sew Can She

Photo via Caroline Fairbanks-Critchfield

3. Fold & Stitch Wallet

This wallet’s fold-over is secured by an optional snap. They’re great for adults, sure, but they’re also great wallets for kids since they’re compact. You can even skip the snap if you think it’s easier for kiddos to open and close the wallet without one.

The Poppy Clutch FREE Sewing Pattern

Photo via cloverandviolet

4. Poppy Clutch

Sometimes a little wallet just won’t do. Stash this large wallet into a big bag, then pull it out and carry it solo when you need just the essentials. There’s even a front zipper in the clutch for items that you don’t want to dig around for.

Cell and Card Wallet FREE Sewing Pattern

Photo via Teresa Lucio

5. Cell and Card Wallet

This wallet has modern lines that you won’t find on store-bought wallets. The inside has plenty of room for credit cards and your ID, plus a zipper pouch for you to store your change.

Game Day Wristlet FREE Sewing Pattern

Photo via Raspberry Sunshine

6. Game Day Wristlet

This wristlet was designed for parents who don’t want to lug their entire bag to the ballpark. You can even attach your car keys to the loop so everything stays in one place.

Caroline Clutch FREE Sewing Pattern

Photo via iThinkSew

7. Caroline Clutch

Clutch, wallet, wristlet — this free pattern is so versatile. There are plenty of variations so that you can use larger scraps or even tiny strips of scrap fabric. Take a look at the orange sample in the front and you may never throw away even the tiniest piece of fabric again!

Super Easy Wallet FREE Sewing Pattern

Photo via Soubelles

8. Super Easy Wallet Pattern

The designer points out that this wallet pattern is great for kids who want to learn to sew. The estimated time to complete the project is about half an hour, so it’s also a quick sew for those of us who have been too busy to give our sewing machine some attention.

Simple Credit Card Wallet FREE Sewing Pattern

Photo via So Sew Easy

9. Simple Credit Card Wallet

This handy wallet also functions as a business card holder. The wallet is large enough to fit a 20-page credit card insert, so it’s perfect for IDs and retail reward cards, too. Little touches like the leather snap also make it appropriate for men.

Inspired I.D. Wallet FREE Sewing Pattern

Photo via Ms. Elaineous

10. Inspired I.D. Wallet

This wallet is great for those times when you just need a few essentials — or when you need to quickly flash your ID. It’s also great for offices that require your work ID to open multiple doors. Just slide it around your wrist or into your pocket and you won’t have to worry about getting locked out.

Cute Card and Coin Purse Zip FREE Sewing Pattern

Photo via Lorelei Jayne

11. Cute Card and Coin Purse Zip

If you’re looking for minimalist storage, try this coin purse. You can stash cards and coins in it, plus you can drop this in your larger bag to keep everything organized.

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