FPF: 9 Free Patterns — Pajama Style — for Fabulous Friday Possibilities

Here at Bluprint, Fridays are always the best — but this Friday is double the fun! It’s the seventh and final day of Spirit Week, and we’re celebrating by keeping our PJs on and playing inside. Join us!

Whether you’re clad in comfy flannel, or forced to keep it business casual, we’ve put together a bevy of patterns we know you’ll love. From pillows to PJs and a cute owl pal, we think it’s safe to say today’s free pattern fun is quite the hoot!

Stay in and get creative with these pajama-worthy patterns!

ps... i love you pillow pattern


Free quilting pattern

Isn’t it nice to feel loved? This plush pillow makes for inviting decor, and the perfect gift for your sweetie to slumber on.

Get the FREE ps…i love you pattern here.


one hour pj pattern


Free sewing pattern

Seems like they outgrow everything by the hour doesn’t it? Luckily these PJs only take an hour to make! Turn one of your old shirts into a cute sleepwear set, and ensure sweet dreams for that special little someone.

Get the FREE One-Hour PJ pattern here.


adult chunky slippers — free knitting pattern


Free knitting pattern

PJs without slippers? That’s like cereal without milk. Download this pattern and slip into comfy at-home footwear, for the perfect finishing touch on your relaxation-ready PJ-Day ensemble.

Get the FREE Cable Cozies Slipper pattern here.


lacy heart sleep mask — free crochet patterns


Free crochet pattern

PJ Day wouldn’t be complete without a nice nap! Catch some Z’s while blocking out the brightness with this cute, lacy sleep mask that will make your day — and your night!

Get the FREE Lacy Heart Sleep Mask pattern here.


The Sleepy Owl — free embroidery pattern


Free embroidery pattern

Hoo, hoo, hoo could resist this adorable owl? Use this embroidery pattern and put a sleepy, feathered friend on almost anything!

Get the FREE The Sleepy Owl pattern here.


Ring necklace


Free jewelry pattern

We know you’re in your PJs, but stop pinching yourself — this beautiful ring necklace is real! Inspired by a dream catcher, this dangly delight will guard your sleep with style, making it a dream come true!

Get the FREE Ring Necklace pattern here.


book folding pattern


Free paper crafts pattern

There’s a lot of heart in those pages! This fun book-folding pattern creates a heart that will turn your novel into the novelty everyone loves.

Get the FREE Book Folding Heart pattern here.


how to make fondant popcorn — learn on Bluprint!


Free fondant tutorial

We think this popcorn takes the cake! Pop up some kernels and get innovative with your fondant, for movie-themed confections that captivate like the big screen.

Learn how to make fondant popcorn, step by step, here!


no-bake peanut butter cookies


Healthy midnight snacks

A day of lounging leaves a lot to be desired without delicious snacks. Use these delectable recipes for a delightful PJ-Day full of food and fun. Ah, the taste of success!

Get all 5 healthy (and delicious) snack recipes here!


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