Top 10 Fantastic & Free Jewelry Patterns

We’re all conscious of our jewelry-making budget. Most of us probably have enough beads, wire, and other supplies in our stash to make dozens of necklaces. But besides pulling from your stash, another great way to save money on jewelry making is to take advantage of free tutorials and patterns.

Bluprint is an awesome resource for getting free jewelry patterns. Lucky for us, some of our talented indie designers have graciously uploaded free patterns.

Check out our top 10 free jewelry patterns so you can stay on budget while still creating gorgeous jewelry projects!

 Alternating Cellini Spiral Bead Bracelet pattern

Photo via Bluprint member MyAmari

1. Alternating Cellini Spiral Bead Bracelet

Bluprint’s most downloaded jewelry pattern is this gorgeous spiral bead bracelet. It’s a great project for your stash, too, because you can use a variety of colors or just one solid color and still get the same awesome spiral effect.

Get the Alternating Cellini Spiral Bead Bracelet pattern here.

Beaded Rings + Basic Peyote Stitch

Photo via Bluprint member howdidyoumakethis

2. Beaded Rings + Basic Peyote Stitch

One reason why this pattern is so popular: It comes with instructions to make all the designs you see in the photo. Once you get the basic peyote stitch down, you’ll be able to easily create the designs with multiple colors.

Get the Beaded Rings + Basic Peyote Stitch pattern here.

Herringbone Pearl Rope bracelet pattern

Photo via Bluprint member MyAmari

3. Herringbone Pearl Rope

Glass and any type of pearl bead — yep, even the inexpensive ones — will work for this design. If you’re already familiar with herringbone stitch, you’ll breeze right through this. Don’t worry if you’re a herringbone beginner, there are instructions for beading the stitch included.

Get the Herringbone Pearl Rope pattern here.

Simple Wire Wrapped Heart Ring pattern

Photo via Bluprint member Copar Aingeal

4. Simple Wire Wrapped Heart Ring

This ring isn’t just for Valentine’s Day! Sport hearts year round when you learn to wire wrap the simple ring. You can even omit the beads if you want a less sparkly ring.

Get the Simple Wire Wrapped Heart Ring pattern here.

Peyote Stitch Odd Count

Photo via Bluprint member Unique You

5. Peyote Stitch Odd Count

Peyote stitch varies depending on whether you’re using an odd or even amount of beads. This tutorial gives instructions and helpful hints to make more sense of the odd-count. Once you learn the technique, you can apply it to all kinds of projects.

Get the Peyote Stitch Odd Count tutorial here.

DIY Sway Bracelet Beading Pattern

Photo via Bluprint member Mei_Bijoux

6. DIY Sway Bracelet Beading Pattern

Learn this awesome sway pattern and then adapt it to other types of jewelry, like earrings and hair combs. You can even mix up the beads in the scallops, depending on what’s in your stash.

Get the DIY Sway Bracelet Beading pattern here.

Beaded Leaf Collar Necklace

Photo via Bluprint member Hollybird Beads

7. Beaded Leaf Collar Necklace

Use basic right angle weave to work up this sparkly necklace. If you’re not crazy about the leaves, you can always substitute them for other beads in different shapes and sizes.

Get the Beaded Leaf Collar Necklace pattern here.

How to Wire Wrap Beach Glass the Easy Way

Photo via Bluprint member Gayle Bird

8. How to Wire Wrap Beach Glass the Easy Way

Tutorials like this are awesome because you can learn a single skill that can be applied to lots of different projects. The technique works with beach glass, as well as any other odd-shaped object.

Get the How to Wire Wrap Beach Glass the Easy Way tutorial here.

Slim Ring Tutorial

Photo via Bluprint member Assza Jewelrymania

9. Slim Ring Tutorial

Looking for a last-minute gift? This one doesn’t require many materials, and you can finish it in a flash. I love the look of the polished beads on this one, but I could also picture using something a little less shiny.

Get the Slim Ring Tutorial here.

3 Wire Wrapped Bail

Photo via Bluprint member Abby Hook

10. 3-Wire Wrapped Bail

Like the wire-wrapped beach glass, you can use this tutorial across a wide variety of projects. Designer Abby Hook notes that it’s especially a great skill for chunky chains because it allows the pendant or bead to move freely along the chain.

Get the 3-Wire Wrapped Bail tutorial here.

What are you waiting for? Break into your bead stash and start downloading these free patterns today.

Do you have a favorite free jewelry pattern on Bluprint? Give the designer a shout out in the comments!

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