Create Dovetail Joinery With Confidence: Get Your Free PDF Guide Now!

A well-made dovetail joint offers unmatched beauty and strength for cabinets, furniture and more. Download this free, PDF guide exclusively from Bluprint, and get all the instruction you need to start making dovetails you’re proud of.

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Free Dovetail Joinery PDF GuideRead your guide online, download it to your computer or tablet, or even print it out. The guide is yours to keep and reference from the comfort of your home or the convenience of your shop. It’s never been easier to learn how to create dovetail joinery with confidence.

With this Guide You’ll Learn to:

  • Select tools for dovetail joinery
  • Prepare your stock
  • Mark out a dovetail joint
  • Saw accurate dovetails
  • Hone your chiselling technique
  • Mark the pins from the tails
  • Saw and chop the pins
  • Fit the joint together beautifully
  • Assemble and glue the joint
  • Fix mistakes and finish up

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