Free Pattern Friday Knitting: Free Boot Cuff Knitting Pattern & More

Yet another weekend is upon us, and that means you need a fresh dose of free knitting patterns to keep you entertained. This roundup features five Bluprint Pattern Marketplace patterns including a boot cuff pattern, a stunning shawl pattern, a gorgeous herringbone neckwarmer pattern, and more. So enjoy, and be sure to grab the ones you love!

Free Boot Cuff Knitting Pattern
[one_half_last]Boot Cuff Knitting Pattern

Top off your boots with some complementary flair. If you know how to knit, purl, and use a cable needle, the Cable Waves Boot Cuff pattern by stampycarol is for you! [/one_half_last]

Free Herringbone Neckwarmer Pattern
[one_half_last]Herringbone Neckwarmer Knitting Pattern

Complete your winter wardrobe with this fashionable free chunky neck warmer by Breean Elyse. Topped off with gigantic buttons, it makes a gorgeous statement. [/one_half_last]

Haruni Free Knitting Pattern
[one_half_last]Haruni Knitting Pattern

The wonderful and free Haruni knitting pattern by knitterain can easily be scaled up or down, creating a chic triangular shawl.[/one_half_last]

Free Cardigan Knitting Pattern
[one_half_last]Free Cardigan Knitting Pattern

Treat yourself by making this free comfy cardigan by BeSweet. This versatile design is ideal for everything from an afternoon stroll through the park to a night out on the town.[/one_half_last]

Secret Crush Knitting Hat Pattern
[one_half_last]Knitting Hat Pattern

Infused with love, the free Secret Crush knitting pattern by MADuNaier is perfect in theme and size for both adults and children.[/one_half_last]

Remember, each and every Friday we’ll share free knitting patterns with you. So come back next week!

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