Easy Steps to Set Up for Free-Motion Quilting [Video Tutorial]

Mesmerized by free-motion quilting and ready to give it a go?

free motion quilting samples

Angela Walters’ free motion quilting designs from her class Machine Quilting Borders & Backgrounds

Pick up tips to start stitching in this tutorial with expert quilt designer Angela Walters. Whether you love curly swirls or funky shapes, you’ll learn how to set up for FMQ on your home sewing machine.

Choose some thread and click play to start your first FMQ design!

First things first: pick a sewing foot that lets you move from straight to swirling stitches. There are a number of styles to choose from, so consult your machine manual:

hopping foot styles

See why your feed dogs should be down to have fun with free motion.

Lowered Feed Dogs on Sewing Machine

Don’t miss Angela’s trick for preventing loops and knots from forming. The more you stitch, the more natural free-motion quilting will feel. Keep trying new designs — it gets easier with practice!

Angela's Name Written in Free Motion Quilting

Hungry for more quilting inspiration?

free motion quilt block

Check out this machine & free-motion quilting playlist on our YouTube channel!Watch more »

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  1. Jacqueline Mason
    Jacqueline Mason

    I am fascinated by the way yyu free motion quilt. Can I use free motion quilting for queen size and king size quilts? I am presently considering buying a longarm machine from a friend. Do the principals of free motion quilting work for longarm machines?