All of the Sparkle & None of the Mess: Why You Should Try Embossing With Glitter

If you love glitter but don’t love the mess that glitter often makes, then this is the cardmaking project for you. Embedding the glittery goodness in translucent embossing paste gives you all of the sparkle and none of the mess because that glitter isn’t budging once the paste dries. How can you not give that a big, glittery thumbs up?!

DIY Glittered Embossing Paste Stencil Card

Embossing with glitter tutorial

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • The Basic Grey Prism Collection
  • White card stock
  • An A2 card base
  • Paper cutter or scissors
  • Double-sided adhesive
  • Offset palette knife
  • Translucent embossing paste
  • Fine glitter (I used Martha Stewart Lapis Lazuli glitter)
  • Low tack tape, like washi or painter’s tape
  • Large acrylic block or other smooth surface for mixing
  • Baby wipes or damp paper towels for cleanup (easy access to a sink is also a plus)

Stenciled Glitter Embossing Paste Card, Step 1Step 1:

Cut a piece of white card stock to 5” wide by 3.75” tall. Place the cut card stock onto a smooth surface (I used a non-stick craft mat under my card stock for easy cleanup later) and position the Basic Grey Medallion stencil on top of the card stock. Adhere the stencil in place with low tack tape (I used washi tape).

Stenciled Glitter Embossing Paste Card, Step 2Step 2:

Use an offset palette knife to scoop out about two teaspoons of the embossing paste and place it onto an acrylic block or a similar work surface. Then, sprinkle glitter over the paste and mix with the palette knife until the glitter is completely incorporated. I used approximately 1 – 1 ½ teaspoons of glitter to this amount of embossing paste.

Stenciled Glitter Embossing Paste Card, Step 3Step 3:

Spread a layer of the glittered embossing paste over the stencil with the palette knife, just like you would butter a piece of bread.

Stenciled Glitter Embossing Paste Card, Step 4Step 4:

Use the edge of the palette knife to smooth the paste and to remove any excess. If, as you’re removing the paste, you notice any bare areas, simply re-cover those areas with the paste and remove any excess.

Stenciled Glitter Embossing Paste Card, Step 5Step 5:

Carefully remove the tape from the stencil, making sure that the stencil doesn’t slide around at all during the process. Lift the stencil and set the card stock with the glittered embossing paste aside to dry (at least an hour or two). As it dries, the milky white paste will become translucent.

Note: You’ll want to clean the embossing paste from the stencil and your work surface as soon as possible because it becomes more difficult to remove once it starts drying.

Stenciled Glitter Embossing Paste Card, Step 6Step 6:

After the paste is completely dry, add the chipboard “everything is better with you” sentiment from the Basic Grey Prism kit to the front of the card stock. Cut the lightly textured black card stock (the reverse side of the pyramid pattern) from the kit to 5.5” wide by 4.25” tall and adhere it to an A2 card base with double-sided adhesive.

Adhere the card stock with the glittered embossing paste and sentiment on top of the black card stock with double-sided adhesive, and you’re finished with this lotsa-glitter-no-mess card!

Stenciled Glitter Embossing Paste Card
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