It’s In The Hoop: 19 Easy In The Hoop Projects

Although complicated in appearance, in the hoop (ITH) embroidery projects are quite easy to stitch. All you have to do is follow the directions.

In the hoop plush mouse

Photo via Craftsy member NimblePhish

Here are 19 in-the-hoop projects to tempt you!

Wrap it, roll it and bake it up

In the hoop coffee mug rug

Photo via Craftsy member Bella Bleu Michigan

From beverages to candles, and even art supplies, these projects stitch up quickly and can be easily customized with embroidery and monograms, making great gifts.

ITH candle wrap and coffee wraps

Photos via Craftsy members Sanity’s Machine Embroidery Designs (left) and EmbGarden (right)

Alphabet monograms are already digitized in the coffee wraps which are available in 12 oz., 16 oz., and 20 oz. sizes.

ITH art roll up

Photo via Cratsy member studiosix7

Artist pencils and pens stay safe and secure in their own ITH holder. Just stitch, roll, and tie!

In the hoop potholders

Photo via Craftsy member Sealed With A Stitch

This collection of 10 ITH potholders can be made for a variety of special occasions and further personalized with embroidery and monograms.

Cut a rug (mug rug)

In the hoop embrodery mug rug

Photos via Craftsy members Sanity’s Machine Embroidery Designs and Strawberry Stitches

Mug rugs are extremely popular ITH embroidery choices these days and there are a lot from which to choose among Craftsy’s machine embroidery designs. Here are just a few.

ITH purses

Photos via Craftsy members Stitch This Designs (left) and EmbGarden (right)

Clip it and zip it

From purses to ID holders, wallets, and lip stick clips, it is surprising what you can create entirely in your hoop! All that may be needed are a few slip stitches where the items turn right-side out.

ITH purse accessories

Photos via Craftsy member EmbGarden

Purses would not be complete without accessories, and there are many that can be created in the hoop.

In the hoop zipper coin purses

Photos via Craftsy member EmbGarden

ITH machine embroidery wallet

Photo via Craftsy member Hug Longer

Make a wallet to match every purse.

ITH embroidery wallet pouch

Photo via Craftsy member Bella Bleu Michigan

In the hoop ID phone case

Photo via Craftsy member EmbGarden

This ITH case incorporates a vinyl window for your ID and a handy zipped pocket for your phone and other frequently-used items.

In the hoop crochet hook carrier

Photo via Craftsy member EmbGarden

Those who crochet will appreciate this ITH crochet hook carrier. It can easily be personalized for the recipient.

Hug and cuddle it

ITH plush toys

Photos via Craftsy members Carolundy1672965 (left) and NimblePhish (right)

Even plush stuffed animals can be made in the hoop.

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