Reviewed: The Best Paper Craft Scissors

Finding the perfect pair of paper craft scissors can be tough, but finding a great pair is worth the initial investment. To save you from some of the legwork, we’ve reviewed some different types of scissors commonly used for paper crafts. Here are our top picks!

Different Types of Scissors for Paper Crafts

1. Cutter Bee Scissors

The EK Success Cutter Bee Scissors are designed with a precision tip blade, making them an ideal choice for cutting curved corners and small intricate details for card making or scrapbooking. They fall in the $7-9 price range, depending on where you buy them. One of my favorite features is the safety cover they come with, and that they are comfortable for right-handers and left-handers alike. I haven’t had my pair for too long, but according to other reviews I’ve read, many crafters have had them for 5+ years and their scissors are still going strong. Though one thing to consider is due to their tiny size, it can be difficult to navigate these scissors around tiny corners — I find that my fingers sometimes get in the way. Overall, however, these are my personal favorite scissors for paper crafting.

2. Martha Stewart Crafts Fringe Scissors

These scissors are also great for cutting small details of fringe to any greeting card or scrapbooking project. These run anywhere from $10-$15 for a pair. This pair of paper craft scissors is designed to be ergonomically correct, which I love! They also come with five nonstick blades to allow for quicker cutting, which also makes them perfect for cutting confetti. (Who doesn’t love confetti?) Others have also confessed these scissors are great for cutting up herbs from the garden — genius! The only complaint I have about these scissors are they sometimes tend to jam easily, no fun!

3. Fiskars Softtouch Micro-Tip Scissors

Some crafters praise these scissors because of not only their cutting precision but also their lifetime guarantee. These also come with a precision tip that keeps them detailing on the tiniest of details. These also run in the $10-$15 price range, depending on what craft store you’re looking at (and sometimes Amazon has great new and used pairs!) What I love most about these scissors is their spring-back action, which keeps my thumbs and wrists from getting sore after a few hours of cutting. The only complaint I have with these scissors is that they can be a bit flimsy, making them difficult to navigate around paper. But on the plus side, I love that the sharp blade can be locked up, which is great for keeping curious tiny hands away.

4. Judikins Detail Scissors

Also designed for cutting intricate paper details, these paper crafts scissors will easily cut those fine details of your paper crafting masterpiece. They are made of surgical stainless steel, which makes them a good investment, as they’ll be durable for many years to come. I have seen these priced as low as $4-5, which is a great deal! Because they are a little on the thrifty side, I have heard from a few fellow crafters that theirs have broken easier than other pairs they’ve purchased for a little bit more. Nevertheless, these are great for cutting lighter weight paper and are also well suited for embroidery! I love the really fun colors that these come in, making them very easy to spot on your craft table..

Paper Craft Scissors and Craft Paper

Here’s a quick tip on keeping your scissors in the best condition: use them only for what they’re designed for. Honest confession right here: most of the time I can’t even find any of my pairs of scissors and end up cutting things with kitchen shears! Do not follow my lead and take great care of your scissors and make sure they are only used on the products they were designed for.

Is there a brand of paper craft scissors you can’t live without?

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