How to Crochet the Pineapple Stitch: A FREE Tutorial

The pineapple stitch is a classic, vintage lace crochet motif seen in both home decor and fashion items. Historically it was worked in cotton crochet thread, but today you may see it crocheted in any type or weight of yarn. Today’s modern crochet designs use the pineapple stitch in fun and interesting ways, and there are several variations on the basic crochet pineapple motif.

How to crochet the pineapple stitch

crochet pineapple stitch

Tutorial photos via Kathryn Vercillo of Crochet Concupiscence

Step 1:

Chain four, then dc in fourth chain from hook. Ch 2, 2 dc in same space.

Starting the Pineapple Crochet Stitch

Step 2:

Chain four and turn your work.

Chain on pineapple stitch

Step 3:

12 tr in ch-2 space. Chain 4 and turn your work.

Pineapple Stitch in Progress

Step 4:

*Ch 1, tr. Repeat from * all the way across for a total of 12 ch-1 spaces. Turn your work.

Pineapple Stitch Row 3

Step 5:

*Ch 3, sc in ch-1 space. Repeat from * all the way across for a total of 12 ch-3 spaces. Turn your work.

Pineapple Crochet Row 4

Step 6:

Skip the first ch-3 space. *Ch 3, sc in next ch-3 space. Repeat from * all the way across for a total of 11 ch-3 spaces. Turn your work.

Pineapple Crochet Row 5

Step 7:

Repeat step 6 ten times. Each time, skip the first ch-3 space so you have a shorter row than the row before. Essentially, you’ll begin with a row of 10 ch-3 spaces and decrease by one ch-3 space each time. You will end with a short row at the top of just one ch-3 space.

Finished Pineapple crochet Stitch

How to use the pineapple stitch

Now that you have a basic understanding of how to work the crochet pineapple stitch, here are some things that you can do with the motif:

  • Make a set of them and use them individually as crochet coasters.
  • Crochet a larger set of pineapple motifs and stitch them together end-to-end to make a crochet scarf.
  • Crochet a set and stitch them together in a circle to create a doily.
  • Use modern crochet pineapple patterns to expand upon your knowledge of the basic stitch.

Pineapple stitch crochet patterns

Try one of these crochet patterns that use a variation of the crochet pineapple stitch.

Pineapple Crochet Shawl

Photo via Bluprint member Just-in

Pineapples Wrap or Capelet

The Pineapples Wrap or Capelet crochet pattern is a circular poncho-inspired version of a design similar to the crescent-shaped shawl. The pineapple crochet stitch is what makes this openwork crochet design so interesting to the eye.

Crochet Pineapple Skirt

Image via Bluprint member c. christmas

Olivia Pineapple Skirt

The Olivia Pineapple Skirt is an easy mesh crochet skirt pattern that gets more interesting with the row of crochet pineapple stitches at the bottom hemline. Work this crochet pattern for a flirty, feminine crochet skirt and you’ll likely get ideas of how to adapt other crochet skirt patterns using the same basic concept.

Pineapple Crochet Doily

Image via BJ’s Crochet Cottage

Blooming Pineapple Hearts

The Blooming Pineapple Hearts crochet doily pattern offers a classic version of how the pineapple stitch was typically used in the home. The lace pattern would look stunning on a dining room table or coffee table.

Pineapple Crochet Scarf

Image via Crochet Crazy

Pineapple Creme Scarf

The Pineapple Creme Scarf does an excellent job of combining past and present. It uses a classic pineapple crochet stitch, but by putting two vertical rows of the pineapple stitch parallel to one another, the designer has created a unique and original pattern.

Crochet Pineapple Tank

Image via marifu6a

Crochet Pineapple Top

This Crochet Pineapple Top shows a common way that the crochet pineapple stitch can be adapted to create continuous designs for lacy garments. The choice of purple yarn gives it a modern edge.

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