6 (More!) Household Items Every Sewer Should Be Using

Getting creative with your sewing can apply to more than just projects. Somewhere along the way, every sewer discovers an everyday item that eventually turns into a sewing-room staple. But why keep it to yourself?

Recently, we published a blog post with some unexpected household items that double as stellar sewing tools. Not soon after, our members responded with a slew of items to add to our list. Below, you’ll find the top six must-haves sewers say should be in your craft room.

If there’s something that we missed, we’re sure your fellow sewers would love to know! Check out these top answers and share your own innovative household item in the comments section. Then, use the buttons at the top of the post to share all this handy knowledge far and wide!

Here are six must-haves for your sewing room…

A hammer

Use a hammer to flatten the side seams of the jeans you’re hemming. – From Craftsy Facebook member Cynthia

Binder clips

You might find binder clips to be a little more user-friendly than clothes pins. We recommend bright, fun colors. – From Craftsy Facebook member Sue

Pointed tweezers

Make these your go-to for plucking tangled bunches of thread from the bobbin area of your machine. You can also use them for picking out fuzz, lint and tiny bits of thread left over by your seam ripper. – From Craftsy Facebook member Jennifer

A pair of long forceps

Is there a fisherman in the house? Chances are they have a long pair of forceps you can use to pull lint out of tight places and turn narrow straps. – From Craftsy Facebook member Romlia

An old mascara wand

Get it clean, then use it to swab out the bottom area of your machine. It’s usually better than the brush provided by the manufacturer! – From Craftsy Facebook member Susan

Dental floss

Make a loop with it and use it in place of those wire needle threaders that always seem to break. You can also use dental floss for sewing buttons on! – From Craftsy Facebook member Bernice

And remember, don’t keep those great ideas to yourself — share your own items below in the comments section!

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