Stitch a Quick and Easy Crazy Nine Patch Quilt Pattern

Do you have a favorite baby quilt pattern? Mine is this Crazy Nine Patch pattern. It’s quick and easy, can be made with any fabrics you like, there are very few seams to match and it looks great!

The next time you need a fun baby quilt, give this Crazy Nine Patch quilt pattern a try!

Crazy Nine Patch Baby Quilt

This quilting pattern uses nine crazy nine patch blocks, all of which are put together at the same time, plus a border. It’s possible to put it all together and be finished in a weekend!

In this example, the blocks finish at 10″ square and the border is 3″, so the quilt ends up to be 36″ square — just the right size for a baby play mat or stroller covering.

Crazy Nine Patch Baby Block

This is the basic block, using nine different fabrics with angled cuts.

Step 1. Choose Your fabrics

The first step is to choose your fabrics —always my favorite part of any new project! I wanted to make this quilt for a baby boy, so I chose bright primary colors with lots of dots for energy.

The project works best if you have a range of colors in mostly medium values (not too many very lights or very darks). I chose to use fabrics with dots, but the fabrics I used have dots in different sizes and shapes to add variety and interest to the finished quilt.

Stack of dotted fabrics for crazy nine patch

The crazy nine patch pattern can be made in any size, just remember to cut your initial blocks 2.5″ larger than you want the finished size. My blocks finish at 10″ square, so I started out with nine squares that were each 12″ square.

First Angled Cut for Crazy Nine Patch

Step 2. Make the first cut and swap

Stack the nine 12″ squares on your cutting surface with the edges even all around. Using your rotary cutter and a ruler, make a slightly angled cut through all nine layers, making sure that the narrowest part isn’t too close to the outside edge. Be careful not to make the angle too steep.

Angled cut and first swap for crazy nine patch

Step 3. Chain piece the pairs

To start creating the pattern, take the top piece of the smaller stack and move it to the bottom of the stack. Then chain piece all nine pairs at the sewing machine without stopping in between. You’ll end up with a “chain” of paired blocks all connected by short lengths of thread.

Chain Piece Pairs Together

Take the chained pairs to the ironing board and iron each seam to one side, clipping the threads between pairs as you go.

In order to keep the blocks in the same order, put each one face down on the ironing board after you finish pressing. When you pick the stack up again, you’ll have the blocks in the correct order for the next step.

stacked blocks

Step 4. Cut and swap again

Back on your cutting surface, use your rotary cutter and ruler to make another angled cut in the blocks on the opposite side of the first one. Take the top two pieces from the smaller stack and put them on the bottom. Make sure you always move pieces from the small stack, not the large one. Chain piece the smaller piece onto the larger one as before and press the seam to one side, restacking the blocks in the same order that you sewed them after pressing.

Third cut of the crazy nine patch block

Step 5. Third cut and swap

Take the blocks back to your cutting surface and turn them so the first two seams are running horizontally. Make a third angled cut through all nine blocks. This time, take the top three pieces from the smaller stack and put them on the bottom. Chain piece the smaller piece onto the larger one as before and press the seam to one side, restacking the blocks in the same order that you sewed them after pressing.

Final cut for the crazy nine patch

Step 6. Final cut and swap

This is the last cut you’ll make. Take your blocks back to your cutting surface and make an gentle angled cut on the opposite side of the block from the previous one. This last time, take the top six pieces from the smaller stack and put them on the bottom. Sew the pieces together and press as before. You should have a crazy nine patch block with one piece of each of your nine different fabrics in each angled square.

Arranging the Crazy Nine Patch Blocks

Step 7. Arrange the blocks

Arrange the blocks in three rows of three blocks each in a pleasing manner. I like the riot of color and shape that putting the blocks right next to each other creates, but you could insert sashing to calm things down a bit if you wanted to.

Once you have an arrangement you like, sew the blocks together, and then the rows. Add a 3″ border on all four sides and quilt as desired. I usually use an all-over pattern like stippling on these quilts because it’s quick and the quilt will probably get a lot of use!

The Crazy Nine Patch pattern is a very versatile one to have because it can be used in all sorts of ways — from baby quilts to bed quilts, or even for pillows and table runners. The basic pattern is easy to sew and it has a different feel depending on what kind of fabric you choose — even soft neutrals or 30s reproductions would work.

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