What Wearing Crazy Knitted Socks Says About Your Personality

Are you a fan of knitting and wearing crazy socks? If the answer is yes, then you are rebellious, intriguing and successful, according to a recent article on Elite Daily.

We knitters take our socks seriously, and apparently the type of socks we knit says more about our personalities than we thought. Check out the article’s evidence on why crazy socks are so powerful, plus enjoy a couple of crazy sock patterns along the way from our wacky-sock-lovin’ Bluprint designers!

Anemone Socks Knitting Pattern

Anemone Socks pattern via Bluprint member becky-kel1151082

History of rebellious patterns

According to the article, tartan has a history of being rebellious in Scotland. People revolting against the British crown wore tartan to show that they sympathized with the rebellion. The symbolism worked so well that tartan was outlawed by the 1746 Dress Act.

Can you imagine what would happen if a pair of your favorite wacky socks were outlawed?

As for rebellious patterns on socks, the Elite Daily article notes that a New York Times fashion article says crazy socks are not a recent trend: “Showy socks hark back to the 1700s, when people wore them embroidered or in outlandish colors, fashion historians say.”

For the Love of Paisley Socks Knitting Pattern

For the Love of Paisley Socks pattern via Bluprint member Patchworks by D

Wacky patterns today

Fortunately, crazy sock patterns are not outlawed today. We can use our wacky socks to show off a love of a favorite movie or television show or as a nod to one of our favorite designs, like the For the Love of Paisley Socks pictured above.

The article also states that our clothing can put us in a different psychological state, changing the way we think and act. This is the basis for our wacky socks making us more rebellious, intriguing and successful.

Rebellious, intriguing, successful

Let’s dig into how the article determines that wacky-sock wearers are more rebellious intriguing and successful.


The article says that wearing crazy socks can label you as creative or gutsy, which sometimes gives you more room to bend and break rules. In other words, socks give you permission to be rebellious and get away with it.


Do you ever feel more bold or talkative when you wear crazy socks? It could be because wacky socks are a great icebreaker that can help connect us to other people.

You might find this true no matter what knitted item you’re wearing. When we wear hand knits, we’re inviting others to ask questions and comment on what we’re wearing — and, oh, how we love to talk about knitting!


Feeling bold and more talkative can make us feel more confident, which in turn makes us more successful.

According to the article, “Success is largely achieved by leaping into the unknown and embracing risks. If you’re going to take a leap of faith and willingly approach challenging situations, you might as well be wearing some wacky socks when you do. Even if you fail, you’ll still look amazing.”

The Socking Dead Knitting Pattern

The Socking Dead pattern via Bluprint member HappySeamstress

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