Craftsy Chats: Linda Lee talks Sewing

We will be LIVE on Wednesday, May 25th at 1:00pm CT with Linda Lee to chat about everything sewing! Linda has a large bank of knowledge on fabrics, colors, garment cuts, patterns and more. Bring your toughest sewing questions for Linda to answer while we are LIVE for an hour. Don’t miss it!

Grab a fun spring project to brighten up your home this May. We have an adorable Tulip Block Pillow pattern ready for you to download right here!

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26 Responses to “Craftsy Chats: Linda Lee talks Sewing”

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  1. Anne Sullivan

    I have an old overlocker and when trying to thread I get so confused. I’d love to use it properly

  2. Anne

    Metrosene is a 100% polyester thread and Mettler Silk Finish is 100% cotton.

  3. Christine Burton

    How do you / have you changed a back zipper to a side zipper? I’m not able to reach back zippers anymore!! Lol!! Do you use a placket zipper or an invisible seam zipper?


    Hi Linda! I have your Fashion Fitting Encylopedia and love the easy-to-understand instructions and illustrations; however, I still struggle with knowing if I need a balanced shoulder adjustment or a forward thrust shoulder adjustment. Is there an easy way to know the difference?

  5. Joan M Soltis

    Have difficulty when ending a crochet row. How to determine the end.

  6. Shing

    Have trouble putting zippers in my garments and making button holes in jackets.

  7. Gay Fox

    I just have a regular older machine and I don’t have a serger. On the old patterns I had the seam allowance was 5/8 inch. What do you use now?

    • Linda calloway

      Trying to get sewing again – looking here for tips and inspiration.

  8. Charlotte Cronin

    Hi, Linda! I’m wondering how much inspiration you’re getting from Eileen Fisher, Oska, etc. these days. Your style seems to have changed in recent years.

  9. Gay Fox

    I’m short and very large. I can’t seem to find clothes or patterns that fit me. Is there anything I can do to make a pattern fit properly? (Also I am disabled and sit down alot)

  10. Beverly Tengström

    Can you recommend some simple projects that I can make look fantastic to develop my sewing confidence? My biggest frustration is making something and having it look a bit homemade where I am not excited to use it. Full disclosure: I know I need to practice more 😁

  11. Susie Rikard

    Will there be a way to view this chat after it’s presented? I can’t watch it live. Thanks.